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CPD competence courses for lawyers for 2016

The Internet for Lawyers series of online CPD and continuing competence courses is prepared by Nick Holmes and Delia Venables and published here on infolaw. Each year we produce three new, topical and up-to-date courses. One for solicitors only and two more for both barristers and solicitors.

Each course contains 10 or more practical articles written by Nick and Delia and many other leading experts in their fields, covering all aspects of legal practice affected by the internet.

Read the courses on screen (PDF), with live web links, or print off for armchair reading. Then complete an online questionnaire at the end to evidence the knowledge you have gained and certify for CPD purposes.

Earn 5 or 6 hours CPD per course

Solicitors. You may undertake any of our courses and claim the time towards your CPD for 2015/2016. Your entire 16 hours can be now be done online with our courses.

If you are opting for the SRA's new approach to continuing competence, our courses are an ideal way to address your learning and development needs. See further our changes to CPD page.

Barristers. We are accredited by the Bar Standards Board to provide CPD courses for 2016 (CPD Provider ID 1277). Two of our 2015 courses are suitable for barristers and may be undertaken to earn 5 or 10 hours' CPD for 2016.

Our courses

Our current courses, valid for use in 2016, are:

Our new 2016 courses will be published in the summer.

Each course costs £80+VAT; two courses purchased together cost £120+VAT; three courses together 150+VAT. A multi-use licence for 5 courses costs £200+VAT; for 10 courses £300+VAT; additional courses 150+VAT per 5. See the purchase page for all the options.

Previous courses

If previously purchased, you can access 2014 courses via the 2014 courses access page.

2013 and earlier courses are no longer available for access. If you have any queries about them please email

The editors

Nick Holmes is a publishing consultant specialising in the legal sector. He is Managing Director of infolaw Limited and maintains this website. (View full biography)

Delia Venables is a computer consultant specialising in legal systems and the use of the internet by lawyers. She produces and maintains the portal site Legal Resources in the UK and Ireland. (View full biography)

Contributors. Many leading lawyers and information, IT and legal practice specialists have contributed articles in their areas of expertise.