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Faces of Law  Live bookmark  

Author: Jon Busby  

I take portraits to help me understand people and the wider world through their stories and experiences. I created Faces of Law in 2013 because I thought it would be interesting to build a catalogue about the legal community. My inspiration was Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York project (HONY).

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Instant Law UK  Live bookmark  

Author: Jon Robins, freelance journalist  

About access to justice in the context of deregulation of legal services under the Legal Services Act 2007 and the cuts to the legal aid scheme under the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill.

Greenwich Citizens Advice Go's Live
Instant Law & LawWorks Partner to increase access
Direct Public Access- Can Lawyers deliver?
Instant Law UK Launches In Islington
“This service is invaluable".
Free Video Conf Legal Advice for Home Users
Brent Library Services extends solicitor led free legal advice service
Tower Hamlets partners with Instant Law UK

Legal Voice blog  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Legal Voice  

An online magazine about access to justice aimed at legal aid law firms, the not-for-profit sector and all organisations providing publicly-funded legal advice in the UK.

Transform Justice Blog  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Transform Justice  

Transform Justice was set up in 2012 by Penelope Gibbs, a former magistrate who had worked (successfully) to reduce child and youth imprisonment in the UK. The charity will help create a better justice system in the UK, a system which is fairer, more open, more humane and more effective. Transform Justice will enhance the system through promoting change - by generating research and evidence to show how the system works and how it could be improved, and by persuading the public to support those changes and practitioners and politicians to make them.

Why the crown court is not the right place to try children
Is judicial discipline either just or effective?
How to increase trust in the family justice system
Pleading not guilty is not “gaming the system”
Those who plead not guilty are not “gaming the system”
Should the judiciary speak out more?
Do criminals deserve to be punished three times for one crime?
The Prisons and Courts Bill – a Pandora’s Box? (2)

zzz Good Law Tumblr  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Good Law initiative  

The good law initiative is an appeal to everyone interested in the making and publishing of law to come together with a shared objective of making legislation work well for the users of today and tomorrow.

Visualising tax law
Making law in a digital world and DEFRA on simplifying guidance
Good Law and the EU
Guest blog:   What is the role of time in good law?
Guest blog: Law in a digital world
Clear legal language now!
CALC Conference 2015
Designing democracy