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A view from the North  Live bookmark  

A fine site containing the views of a criminal barrister. What those views will be, only time will tell.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Autumn Days
New Judge, Old Court
The Reluctant Witness
Why I Vote Yes
We Are Right
HHJ Burke QC
Sir Andrew Gilbart QC

c0unse1  Live bookmark  

Author: Richard bentwood, barrister  

A barrister at Argent Chambers specialising in criminal and employment law. Quietly fuming about the proposed changes to our criminal justice system.

Why I will be voting to keep the deal
Setting the Tone
Why I won’t be in Court on Monday
Potholes and Principles
The Grayling Hearing
No Returns
The Day of Action

CjScotland  Live bookmark  

Author: CjScotland team  

Information and ideas about criminal justice in Scotland.

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Criminal Legal Aid - Save UK Justice  Live bookmark  

Author: Rachel Broughton, solicitor  

One solicitors plea to the public

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The Justice of the Peace [Magistrate's] Blog  Live bookmark  

Author: A Magistrate of independent mind and a libertarian bent  

Thoughts on the declining freedoms enjoyed by the ordinary citizen and a corresponding fear of the big brother state's ever-increasing encroachment on civil liberties.

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The Magistrate's Blog  Live bookmark  

Author: Bystander Team  

Musings and Snippets from a group of people interested in Magistrates' Courts and their work. All cases are based on real ones, but anonymised and composited.

So. Farewell then Bystander...
Back to the Ranch
New(ish) Stuff
Dog Days
In The Nick
Supreme Chicken?
Out of The Ordinary
Joined Up?

Urban Lawyers  Live bookmark  

To educate, engage and stimulate discussion amongst young people about their attitudes towards criminal law, policing, and personal responsibility. Urban Lawyers also provides information about access to the legal profession; a profession of which entry is highly competitive.

Xi Jinping’s Rule from Law
#MeToo in the Legal Industry
Human Rights Today Requires Moral Courage
The Loss of Faith in Legal Institutions and Why We Need It
Environmental Courts and Political Opportunism