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My Mid-Life Crisis (CrimBarrister)  Live bookmark  

From 'men's mag' hack to hard-living Kerrang! journo to straight edge queen of costume drama at the criminal Bar, always life in the gutter! Parental advisory explicit language, I'm still kicking against the pricks ...

We’re Not Alright, Jack!
Court Reform Crime Programme? Chinny Reckon! (Part 2)
Court Reform Crime Programme? Chinny Reckon! (Part 1)
We’re All Mad Here!
Disclosure Doom – Cockup Or Conspiracy?!
“Everybody Out!”
Courting Disaster!
I’m (Not) Free!

UK Criminal Law Blog  Live bookmark  

Author: Dan Bunting, Sara Williams and Lyndon Harris  

Aims to promote more accurate reporting of the criminal law in the press/on the Internet, identify unlawful sentences, promote discussion and comment on current legal issues, and promote a greater level of public understanding in relation to the criminal law and the criminal justice system.

Lavinia Woods loses renewed bid to appeal sentence
James McCormick gets further sentence for not paying his confiscation order
Richard Ford and the powers of the Court of Appeal
Ant McPartlin fined £86,000 for drink driving
Barry Bennell lodges grounds of appeal (and BBC gets the law wrong)
Richard Ford wins appeal against 45 year sentence
Lavinia Woodward appeal – Single Judge says ‘no’
Duane Ballin jailed for GBH, but why not murder?