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In-House Lawyer  Live bookmark  

Author: Melanie Hatton  

Commentary from an in-house lawyer who's experimenting with how lawyers can use social media for best effect

5 Reflections
Reflections of a Contracts Lawyer: Part 5
Panel Time
Speaking Event
Reflections of a Contracts Lawyer: Part 4
Say what?
The In-House Lawyer Meets The Lawyer
What LinkedIn Maps tells us about Lawyers

Legal Brat  Live bookmark  

Author: Tim Bratton, Practice Development Director of Lawyers On Demand  

Musings about law, the legal profession and occasionally something else

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The Bizzle  Live bookmark  

Author: In house commercial/contracts lawyer  

Legal and business issues that interest me, mostly related to my day job. Because I'm an in house lawyer, there's probably more of the business and not so much of the law.

When is an alteration not an alteration?
Bizzle’s big adventure
Consenting kidults
Elvis leaves the building
The language of contract negotiations: a guide for the perplexed
Plod, Inc: some thoughts on outsourcing the police
Occupy Woo Street
Shocked, shocked!