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Blogs: Information Rights and Privacy

CLIP@IALS Blog  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Centre for Law and Information Policy, IALS  

This blog shares research and discussion from the Centre for Law and Information Policy, based at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. The Centre is concerned with the law and policy of information and data and explores the ways in which law both restricts and enables the sharing and dissemination of different types of information.

Book Launch and Expert Panel Discussion: Law, Policy and the Internet
Knowledge isn’t power: knowledge helps you flourish
Gendered AI and the role of data protection law
From Archive to Database: Reflections on the History of Laws Governing Access to Information
Reform charity law to allow funding of public interest journalism
Carnegie UK Trust: A proposal for harm reduction in Social media – Lorna Woods
Fixing Copyright Reform: How to Address Online Infringement and Bridge the Value Gap
Richard Danbury: Cliff Richard and Private Investigations

DLA Piper Privacy Matters  

Publisher: DLA Piper  

Information Commissioner's Office Blog  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Information Commissioner  

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Information Rights and Wrongs  Live bookmark  

Author: Jon Baines, LLM in Information Rights Law and Practice, University of Northumbria  

I'm interested in all aspects of the fast-developing field of Information Rights, but, specifically, I speak and write about Data Protection and Freedom of Information and related issues.

There’s nothing like transparency…
ICO – “we’re very sorry we fined you”
The wheels of the Ministry of Justice
Prospective customers and PECR
GDPR – an unqualified right to rectification?
(Data)setting an example
What’s in a name?
GDPR doesn’t always mean “opt in”

Mishcon de Reya: Data Matters  

Publisher: Mishcon de Reya  

Panopticon  Live bookmark  

Author: 11KBW Information Law Practice Group  

Information law is about the right to know and the right to keep private - and it is also about the ever-shifting boundary between those rights. It encompasses areas such as data protection, freedom of information, the protection of private information under article 8 of the ECHR, breach of confidence and the regulation of surveillance. It is a fascinating and fast-moving area of the law

Brexit and Data Protection: Update
Vicarious liability for data breaches: Court of Appeal dismisses Morrisons’ challenge
Inconsequential data protection breaches: High Court blocks big-money action against Google
The Court of Human Rights Remembers the Right to be Forgotten
The Metaphysics of Information Separation
DPA Claims Against the Press: The Stunt Continues
Costs and Vexatiousness: Upper Tribunal Updates
Identifiability and the Unmotivated Intruder

RPC Privacy Law Blog  

Author: Specialist lawyers at RPC  

Developments in UK privacy law written intended to keep RPC's Privacy Law Handbook up-to-date; also a useful source of current information to those without access to the book.

zzz Heather Brooke  

Author: Heather Brooke  

Information rights issues from award-winning journalist and information rights activist.