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Blogs: Information Rights and Privacy

DLA Piper Privacy Matters  

Publisher: DLA Piper  

Information Rights and Wrongs  Live bookmark  

Author: Jon Baines, LLM in Information Rights Law and Practice, University of Northumbria  

I'm interested in all aspects of the fast-developing field of Information Rights, but, specifically, I speak and write about Data Protection and Freedom of Information and related issues.

MPs have rights too
Why what Which did wears my patience thin
Data Protection distress compensation for CCTV intrusion
ICO FOI Decision Notices – insufficient attention to detail?
Get rights right,
Don’t be so soft
An adequate response to Brexit?
A Massive Impact for the ICO?

Panopticon  Live bookmark  

Author: 11KBW Information Law Practice Group  

Information law is about the right to know and the right to keep private - and it is also about the ever-shifting boundary between those rights. It encompasses areas such as data protection, freedom of information, the protection of private information under article 8 of the ECHR, breach of confidence and the regulation of surveillance. It is a fascinating and fast-moving area of the law

The practicalities of the GDPR: breach notification, consent
Vexatious Requests and the EIR: Case Closed?
Yet another subject access judgment…
Section 32 DPA: Resistance not Futile
Data Protection and the Media Mainstream
11KBW Information Law Conference 2017
Dawson-Damer: The Irresistible Rise of the DPA
Don’t be a data protection fundamentalist

RPC Privacy Law Blog  

Author: Specialist lawyers at RPC  

Developments in UK privacy law written intended to keep RPC's Privacy Law Handbook up-to-date; also a useful source of current information to those without access to the book.