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ALLICE  Live bookmark  

Author: ALLICE members  

Group blog for the Association of Law Librarians in Central England.

Introduction to Social Media for Knowledge Workers and Lawyers by Helene Russell
Notes from June meeting
Social event

Next meeting

Language Logic Law Software  Live bookmark  

Author: Dr. Adam Wyner  

Legal informatics for legal professionals

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Mark Gould Consulting  Live bookmark  

Author: Mark Gould  

Previously Enlightened Tradition. This is where I gather my thoughts on a rag-bag of things including tradition, rationality, organisational learning and knowledge management.

Reading for empathy
Institutional memory — a diversity problem?
Breaking silos for client service: the internal view
Measuring performance and setting priorities
Hidden innovation: the best kind?
Change, technology and people
The upside of partnership
Lawyers moving into business services: good or bad?

rethinc.k  Live bookmark  

Author: Jason Wilson, Vice-president of Jones McLure (USA)  

Thoughts on the business of legal publishing.

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The Running Librarian  

Author: James Mullan, law firm KM systems manager