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Kingsley Napley Trainee Solicitor Blog  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Kingsley Napley  

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Legal Executive Institute  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Thomson Reuters  

The Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute brings together people from across the legal industry to ignite conversation and debate, make sense of the latest events and trends, and provide guidance as you confront the opportunities and challenges that these changes present. The site features blog commentary, legal news analysis, interviews with industry leaders, videos and podcasts offering keen insight into the profession of law and the legal marketplace from members of law firms, corporate legal departments, government and academia.

Making Time for Compliance and Risk Management: A Perspective from Thomson Reuters’ Assistant GC Jamila Jean
View from Canada: The Silent, Hidden Struggle in our Profession
What’s ESI? Figuring Out the Nitty-Gritty of Electronically-Stored Information (Part 1)
Risk Management in the Cryptosphere: A Talk with Gibson Dunn’s Judith Alison Lee
5 Questions for Dan Linna: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence
New Report Shows How Corporate Law Departments in Hong Kong Are Dealing with Asian Market Growth & Regulatory Pressure
UPFRONT & PERSONAL: A Discussion with Rosanna Neagle, VP for Legal Affairs at Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream/Nespresso USA
Paypal GC Wanji Walcott Offers Advice on How to Develop Financial Acumen for Up-and-Coming General Counsel Candidates

Legal Practice Management Solutions  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Inpractice UK  

Thoughts on building a more profitable legal practice

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LexisNexis Business of Law Blog  Live bookmark  

Publisher: LexisNexis  

Set up by experts, for experts. For lawyers to share knowledge with other lawyers about how to not just survive these more competitive times, but to thrive.

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LexisNexis Future of Law Blog  Live bookmark  

Publisher: LexisNexis  

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