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Artificial Lawyer  Live bookmark  

Author: Richard Tromans  

Artificial Lawyer is a site dedicated to new legal technology. The main focus is artificial intelligence technologies, but also seeks to cover the following areas: process and task automation; smart/intelligent contracts; the use of blockchain in a legal context. Artificial Lawyer also seeks to cover the founders, investors and funds that help create or support legal tech start-ups.

Artificial Lawyer Opens Legal Tech Jobs
Dutch AI Start-Up, NDA Lynn, Seeks To Crack Everyday Doc Review
Accord Project + IEEE Partner For Smart Contract Global Standards
Integra to Crowdsource Legal AI Applications with IBM Watson Tech
Legaler Launches $35m Cryptocurrency ICO + Legal Aid Platform
Kennedys and the Road to Client-First Legal Tech Innovation
R3 + GuildOne Launch World’s 1st Oil Royalty Smart Contract
Legal AI Co. Luminance Bags Brisbane Firm, McCullough Robertson

Neil Cameron Consulting Group Blog  

Author: Neil Cameron  

Vable Blog  Live bookmark  

Author: Linex Systems  

Thoughts, snippets and stories from the Linex team. We (OK, Rebecca mainly) muse on our favourite online tools, knowledge management practices and where we want to take our technology.

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