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A Diary of Injustice in Scotland  Live bookmark  

Author: Peter Cherbi  

NEW BROOM TO TELL: Judicial transparency in the dock as Holyrood MSPs set to quiz Judicial Complaints Reviewer on support for a register of interests for judges
YOUR BANK, M’LORD? The £40m trail of secretive judicial interests, billionaires, aristocrats & offshore trusts in Hampden & Co, Scotland’s latest bank
THE SILENT TYPE: Details of Legal Affairs Minister’s secret meeting with top judge on joint effort to block judicial transparency & register of judicial interests must remain secret - says Scottish Government
LORD CASHVOCATE: Proceeds of Crime figures ‘now part of manipulated crime stats’ as figures reveal crooks receive more in legal aid than Crown Office takes in Cashback for Communities
CASH TRAPPED: £1.2m legal aid Lawyer who took £700K Legal Aid in just 3 years - and was investigated for dodgy claims, demanded more public cash after being barred from legal aid register
A GRAND DAY IN: Judicial attendance & walkout over Wikileaks founder at Commonwealth Law Conference and Lord Gill’s ‘transparency is insidious’ speech ends up costing taxpayers £15K
THE RECUSED: Scotland’s £30.6m a year judges refuse to declare financial links in first year of recusal register as new details reveal former Lord Advocate who prosecuted Lockerbie case steps down in court hearing
TRIBUTE TO A TRIBUNE: As Lord Gill stands down, courts salute career of top judge who used Scotland Act loophole against Holyrood over calls to declare judicial interests

Highland Lawyer  Live bookmark  

Author: A lawyer working in the North of Scotland  

If you are interested in the law, particularly as to how it applies in Scotland; or the use of IT, particularly but not exclusively in lawyer's offices; or possibly even in programming; or if you are just hoping for some puns, sarcasm, or other low level intellectual humour, feel free to read on when I can actually find time to post something.

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The Paisley Snail  Live bookmark  

A selection of Scottish law-related links gathered together for ease of reference. A meeting place for all those interested in Scots law, citizenship and education - with ginger beer and snails.

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