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A Diary of Injustice in Scotland  Live bookmark  

Author: Peter Cherbi  

THE MAD, THE BAD & THE SAD: Scots financially ruined by rogue lawyers are ridiculed at secret briefing with Scottish Legal Complaints Commission as solicitors demand their victims should be forced to pay for complaints
WIGS TODAY, GONE TOMORROW: Top Judge would rather drop wigs, ermine robes than declare judiciary’s wealth, directorships & links to big business in register of judicial interests proposal
Top judge Lord Gill tells lawyers to ‘take opportunity’, says Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill will not reduce access to justice in speech to Law Society vested interests
DISHONESTY TRIBUNAL: 35 cases of dodgy lawyers with a mere 9 struck off & 26 slaps on the wrist is a “busy year” claims Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal
The Judges Ermine Piggy Bank: Scotland’s wealthy judiciary - detached from society and closeted in a rich secretive world of links to big business, undeclared earnings, directorships, offshore trusts & vested interests
Fees please, not Justice: Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill encounters more opposition from lawyers vested interests in hearings at Scottish Parliament
Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill v Vested Interests: Law Society warns against taking £150K claims away from ‘Victorian’ Court of Session’s stranglehold on Scots access to justice
If the judge has nothing to hide, the judge has nothing to fear: Transparency of interests must apply to all in court, including the wealthy, vested interests of the judiciary

Highland Lawyer  Live bookmark  

Author: A lawyer working in the North of Scotland  

If you are interested in the law, particularly as to how it applies in Scotland; or the use of IT, particularly but not exclusively in lawyer's offices; or possibly even in programming; or if you are just hoping for some puns, sarcasm, or other low level intellectual humour, feel free to read on when I can actually find time to post something.

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Reach out and Touchscreen
Age of Irresponsibility
The Great Dictator

Scots Law News  Live bookmark  

Author: Hector L MacQueen and Scott Wortley  

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The Paisley Snail  Live bookmark  

A selection of Scottish law-related links gathered together for ease of reference. A meeting place for all those interested in Scots law, citizenship and education - with ginger beer and snails.

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