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A Diary of Injustice in Scotland  Live bookmark  

Author: Peter Cherbi  

The Judges Ermine Piggy Bank: Scotland’s wealthy judiciary - detached from society and closeted in a rich secretive world of links to big business, undeclared earnings, directorships, offshore trusts & vested interests
Fees please, not Justice: Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill encounters more opposition from lawyers vested interests in hearings at Scottish Parliament
Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill v Vested Interests: Law Society warns against taking £150K claims away from ‘Victorian’ Court of Session’s stranglehold on Scots access to justice
If the judge has nothing to hide, the judge has nothing to fear: Transparency of interests must apply to all in court, including the wealthy, vested interests of the judiciary
NOTHING TO DECLARE: Investigation reveals two Scottish judges escaped prosecution from criminal charges as debate heats up on transparency in the judiciary
Judicial Interests & Accountability: ‘What we expect of the judiciary in Scotland and how accountable it is in the public’s eyes, not the eyes of a self serving group of judicial appointees’
RECUSE ME NOT: Concession from Scotland’s top judge on recusals is “of limited value” says Judicial Complaints Reviewer as MSPs seek Register of Judicial Interests debate in Holyrood main chamber
The Dishonesty Factor: Scottish solicitors accused of dishonesty ‘less likely to be struck off’ than dishonest lawyers who face tougher regulation in England & Wales

Highland Lawyer  Live bookmark  

Author: A lawyer working in the North of Scotland  

If you are interested in the law, particularly as to how it applies in Scotland; or the use of IT, particularly but not exclusively in lawyer's offices; or possibly even in programming; or if you are just hoping for some puns, sarcasm, or other low level intellectual humour, feel free to read on when I can actually find time to post something.

Kant get service – putting it through the Mills
View through a Crystal Ball darkly…
Paying the Victim Bill
Torrents of Abuse
Actus interveniens…
Reach out and Touchscreen
Age of Irresponsibility
The Great Dictator

Scots Law News  Live bookmark  

Author: Hector L MacQueen and Scott Wortley  

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The Paisley Snail  Live bookmark  

A selection of Scottish law-related links gathered together for ease of reference. A meeting place for all those interested in Scots law, citizenship and education - with ginger beer and snails.

Edinburgh MiniTrials 2013
Being a juror
What is the Supreme Court?
Visit Court on your computer?
Happy 10th Anniversary to MiniTrials
Edinburgh MiniTrials 2012
The Paisley Snail Conference - 25 & 26 May 2012
South Ayrshire MiniTrials 2011

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