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A Diary of Injustice in Scotland  Live bookmark  

Author: Peter Cherbi  

DECLARE THE JUDGES: New Judicial Complaints Reviewer supports proposal to Scottish Parliament to create a register of interests for judges
ROGUE FEE: Legal regulator SLCC reveals rogue solicitors compensation data, admits powers to nullify dodgy legal fees only used in two cases during 2013/14
DODGE GUIDE FOR ADVOCATES: ‘Independent’ legal regulator launches guide for Faculty of Advocates - on how to deal with allegations of poor legal services & dodgy court performances
ETHICAL DOH'A: 2014 - The year Scotland’s top judge preferred visiting a car museum in Qatar to appearing before the Scottish Parliament to account for judicial tax dodges, secret wealth, crime & links to big business
TOO MANY SECRETS: Legal Affairs Minister ‘anti-transparency’ evidence to MSPs a ‘poor substitute for top judge’ as Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee consider next move on proposal to create a register of interests for judges
A FINE MESS: Complaints cost Scottish lawyers £1K a day in £365K ‘anonymous’ fines & compensation as regulator refuses to identify rogue solicitors & law firms
COMPARE THE JUDGES: MSPs call for US style transparency on judicial declarations as Minister fails to convince Holyrood committee that secretive & wealthy judges should be excluded from a register of interests
THE CROOK REPORT: Property, wills, trusts & executries still the main target of rogue lawyers as Scottish Legal Complaints Commission 2014 report reveals regulator awarded £365K to victims of dodgy solicitors

Highland Lawyer  Live bookmark  

Author: A lawyer working in the North of Scotland  

If you are interested in the law, particularly as to how it applies in Scotland; or the use of IT, particularly but not exclusively in lawyer's offices; or possibly even in programming; or if you are just hoping for some puns, sarcasm, or other low level intellectual humour, feel free to read on when I can actually find time to post something.

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Scots Law News  Live bookmark  

Author: Hector L MacQueen and Scott Wortley  

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The Paisley Snail  Live bookmark  

A selection of Scottish law-related links gathered together for ease of reference. A meeting place for all those interested in Scots law, citizenship and education - with ginger beer and snails.

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