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A Diary of Injustice in Scotland  Live bookmark  

Author: Peter Cherbi  

PROBE THE FED: Calls for Holyrood to probe secretive Scottish Police Federation as files reveal SPF General Secretary asked Scottish Government to withdraw £374K public cash grant funding - after social media transparency calls from cops
LOOK AFTER THE LAWYERS: Law Society proposals to pro-lawyer legal review seek to reclaim control of regulation & complaints, appoint ‘window dressing’ ombudsman & criminalise ‘misuse’ of the term “lawyer”
MEET THE KREMLIN: Former chair of Scottish Police Authority evidence to MSPs challenges Justice Secretary’s account of ‘no notes taken’ meetings to discuss Chief Constable’s return to work amid misconduct investigation
TRIBUNAL INTERESTS: As MSPs consider way forward for Judicial Interests Register, calls grow to include wealthy, well connected Tribunal members as Lord Carloway appoints 28 Tribunal judges
WOLFFE COURT: Lord Advocate James Wolffe and his judge wife at centre of £9million damages claim - Questions remain why Lady Wolffe avoided recusal during emergency judge swap on court case against her own husband
REGISTER, THE SIXTH: Holyrood probe on calls for a register of judges’ interests will enter SIXTH YEAR with 23rd Petitions Committee hearing to decide on way forward for publicly available judicial transparency register in Scotland
JUDICIAL REGISTER: Scottish Parliament move forward on FIVE YEAR judicial interests probe as Ex-Cabinet Secretary Alex Neil calls on MSPs to create legislation for a register of judges' interests
JUDICIAL REGISTER: Calls to invite Supreme Court President Lady Hale to Holyrood for evidence on judicial interests register - as Judicial Office concede on addition of 500 Justices of the Peace to recusals register & publication of tribunal recusals

Highland Lawyer  Live bookmark  

Author: A lawyer working in the North of Scotland  

If you are interested in the law, particularly as to how it applies in Scotland; or the use of IT, particularly but not exclusively in lawyer's offices; or possibly even in programming; or if you are just hoping for some puns, sarcasm, or other low level intellectual humour, feel free to read on when I can actually find time to post something.

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The Paisley Snail  Live bookmark  

A selection of Scottish law-related links gathered together for ease of reference. A meeting place for all those interested in Scots law, citizenship and education - with ginger beer and snails.

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