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Taxidermy  Live bookmark  

Author: Ann L Humphrey  

Getting under the skin of tax law

Cupid’s dart
Tax land, not labour – Dominic Frisby
Desperate measures

Waiting for Godot  Live bookmark  

Author: Jolyon Maugham, barrister  

Musings on tax avoidance. I am a barrister specialising in tax whose practice consists in large part of litigating high profile alleged avoidance transactions. In this blog I hope to shed some light on some of the debates and common misconceptions around tax and tax avoidance in the UK.

The social care u-turn. What it really means.
Will we negotiate in parallel or in sequence? Does it even matter?
Brexit and the Sanguinistas
Spring the Party
Can we unilaterally revoke Article 50? An answer to concerns.
I My speech to the March for Europe
Deal or no deal. The legal dynamics of Remaining.
Can you hear the drums a banging?