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Fieldfisher Tax Deductions Blog  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Fieldfisher  

Regularly updated by leading Tax lawyers and features the latest tax news and expert comments.

Scotland leading the way with employee ownership

Taxidermy  Live bookmark  

Author: Ann L Humphrey  

Getting under the skin of tax law

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Waiting for Godot  Live bookmark  

Author: Jolyon Maugham, barrister  

Musings on tax avoidance. I am a barrister specialising in tax whose practice consists in large part of litigating high profile alleged avoidance transactions. In this blog I hope to shed some light on some of the debates and common misconceptions around tax and tax avoidance in the UK.

Decision of the District Court in Amsterdam
A summary – in English – of the decision of the District Court in Amsterdam.
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Six reasons why a referendum on the deal won’t hurt our bargaining position
Here’s what Brexit means: illegal bungs for the wealthy
Uber: HMRC and the Public Accounts Committee
The Lawyer as Political Actor