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Blogs will be filed here while we decide how to classify them. If your blog gets stuck here, help us out by suggesting how we categorise you. It helps if you have a focus that we can easily describe. If a practice area or other existing category doesn't fit the bill, then we're happy to consider creating a category just for you.

Gately Talking Business  

Publisher: Gately  

Kingsley Napley Association of Professional Working Parents Blog  Live bookmark  

Publisher: Kingsley Napley  

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Law Society Blog  

Publisher: The Law Society  

Updates from our president and our CEO, plus pieces that showcase work from around the organisation to highlight the expertise of our staff and wider network.

Law, mostly  Live bookmark  

Author: Ben Amunwa, civil rights barrister  

This site is about Law, mostly. But other things too. Because law doesn't exist in a vacuum. People make it. Most people go to court once or twice in their lives. It can be a traumatic experience. The law can be complex and bewildering even for experienced lawyers, not to mention lay clients. I go to court almost everyday. I help people make sense of the law, guide my clients through the process. I discuss and help resolve legal problems with lawyers and judges across the country.

Supreme Court shakes up immigration law on the rights of settled children ????
Free resources on the rights of settled children ahead of landmark Supreme Court case
This is what lawyers need to do when alleging that a Judge is biased
Did they really say that?? ?? Professionals, regulators and social media misuse
Tussle over £10 million Giotto painting ends in stalemate
Was Barclays to blame for doctor’s alleged historic sexual assaults?
Vulnerable EEA national unlawfully detained by the Home Office, High Court rules
When is a company liable for mis-describing its services online?

Lawmice  Live bookmark  

We write about all sorts of things to do with Law. Big Law, Small law. Case law. Statute law. Judicial lore. The professions and the legal academy. Not movers and shakers. Just looking. That's why we call it views from the wainscot.

The monstrous regiment of Dog Walkers
Who knew? There are two eight o’clocks in the day!
Conveyancing: a pas de deux, not a Dad dance
Easements: more than a walk in the park
Of Ball Grabs, stoats and weasels
A bicycle made for two?
When I use a word, said Humpty Dumpty…
Getting hurt in far away places

Quality Solicitors Blog  

Publisher: Quality Solicitors