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Law Resources: Agriculture

EUR-Lex: Summaries of EU Legislation: Agriculture  

The need to increase food production and restructure agriculture in the early years of European integration following the Second World War led to the common agricultural policy (CAP). Ensuring a stable supply of affordable and quality food for the EU's half a billion citizens, as well as a substantial volume of exports, it also plays a crucial role in safeguarding the future of rural communities, villages and towns, biodiversity, the landscape and soil quality. Radically reshaped in 2013 in order to be fairer, greener, more efficient and more innovative, the CAP remains of key importance, contributing to more sustainable and inclusive growth, key objectives of the EU's 2020 Strategy.

EUR-Lex: Summaries of EU Legislation: Maritime Affairs and Fisheries  

The European Union (EU) has 1200 ports and the world's largest merchant fleet and 90% of the EU's foreign trade and 40% of its internal trade takes place by sea. The EU's maritime policy integrates aspects as wide-ranging as fisheries, employment, transport, research, environment, offshore energy and tourism. The common fisheries policy (CFP) manages fisheries and aquaculture and is based on Articles 38-43 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Its main aim is to ensure sustainable fisheries and put an end to wasteful fishing practices, as well as creating jobs and growth in coastal areas. The most recent reform of the CFP entered into force in January 2014.

European Commission: Policies: Agriculture, fisheries and foods  

CAP, rural development, Aquaculture, CFP, food safety

The Directory: Courts and Tribunals

Scottish Land Court  

Resolves a range of disputes, including disputes between landlords and tenants, in agriculture, farming and crofting.

The Directory: Government Departments

The Directory: Law Associations: Law

Agricultural Law Association (ALA)  

Provides a forum for professionals serving agriculture – lawyers, surveyors, accountants, bankers, farm business consultants and others – to support each other in their specialisms.

The Directory: Research Organisations

Freshwater Biological Association  

Independent scientific organisation founded in 1929 to promote freshwater science through innovative research, maintaining specialist scientific facilities and a programme of scientific meetings, producing publications, and by providing sound independent scientific opinion.

Institute of Arable Crops Research (IACR)  

Centre of excellence for science in support of sustainable land management and its environmental impact. From its centre at Rothamsted, its scientific research ranges from studies of genetics, biochemistry, cell biology and soil processes, to investigations at the ecosystem and landscape scale.

National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB)  

Independent, not-for-profit plant research and information centre based in Cambridge.

Roslin Institute  

One of the world's leading centres for research on farm and other animals.

Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI)  

Research focuses on the processes that regulate the growth of plants and their responses to pests, pathogens and the environment. It includes genetics to breed crops with improved quality and nutritional value as fast as possible.

The Directory: Trade and Industry Organisations

Country Landowners' Association  

Membership organisation for owners of land, property and businesses in rural England and Wales. They aim to speak on behalf of everyone who believes in a living and working countryside.