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Law Resources: Debt Recovery

Better Payment Practice Campaign  

The Better Payment Practice Group (BPPG) was formed in 1997 as a partnership between the public and private sectors. Its aim is to improve the payment culture of the UK business community and reduce the incidence of late payment of commercial debt. The site offers advice and practical credit management tools, including a late payment interest calculator.

EU Commission: Combating Late Payment in Transactions  

Summary of EU policy in this area.

Services: Debt Recovery

Advocate Commercial Debt Recovery  

Free, no cost to you, commercial debt recovery and collection under late payment legislation. The debtor pays all costs and fees. Bristol based, Nationwide service.

Collector (UK) Bailiffs  

Commercial rent arrears collection, forfeiture of commercial lease, distraint on goods, process serving, vehicle repossession, arrange locksmiths. Offices in East Anglia.

Legal Recoveries and Collections Ltd  

Uses proactive methods and bespoke solutions designed to save both time and money in the debt recovery process.

Veritas Legal  

Debt recovery specialists. Offices in Torquay and Exeter (Devon).

The Directory: Courts and Tribunals

High Court: Queen's Bench Division  

The cases we most commonly handle are disputes relating to: personal injury negligence breach of contract breach of a statutory duty breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 libel, slander and other torts non-payment of a debt and ‘enforcement orders’ which allow the court to ensure that a party complies with a judgment against them Many of these cases can also be heard by the Chancery Division. We also handle: applications to ‘enrol’ (register) deeds, including changing your name by deed poll registration of judgments obtained abroad so that they can be enforced in England and Wales election petitions to challenge the results of Parliamentary, European Parliamentary and local government elections applications for bail serving documents overseas and obtaining evidence for foreign courts registration and satisfaction of ‘bills of sale’ (legal agreements transferring title between a seller and a purchaser) ‘interpleader proceedings’ where a High Court Enforcement Officer is attempting to recover goods to settle a debt and a third party claims to be the owner of the goods All of these cases can only be heard by the Queen’s Bench Division. We maintain a list of group litigation orders (for managing cases where there are multiple claimants or defendants). We contain a number of specialist courts with their own individual areas of work: the Administrative Court the Admiralty Court the Commercial Court the Mercantile Court the Technology and Construction Court

The Directory: Professional Associations

Institute of Credit Management  

Representing the credit profession across trade, consumer and export credit, as well as in related activities such as collections, credit reporting, credit insurance and insolvency.

The Directory: Research Organisations

Credit Management Research Centre  

Working closely with the credit industry to provide research that informs government policy, the CRM (based at Leeds University Business School), focuses its research on three key areas: Consumer Credit, Commercial CreditCredit Scoring, and Risk and Propensity Modelling.

The Directory: Trade and Industry Organisations

Factors and Discounters Association  

UK based trade association representing the industry supplying liquidity to UK businesses in the form of Factoring, Invoice Discounting and Asset Based Lending.