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Law Resources: Information Technology and Communications

EUR-Lex: Summaries of EU Legislation: Information society  

The last three decades have seen rapid innovation in information technology. Mobile phones, the internet and high-speed digital delivery systems have revolutionised much of the world around us. Under the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (Articles 179-180), the EU aims to promote the development and dissemination of these new technologies, introducing a battery of rules to ensure customers and businesses have fair and affordable access to networks and services, and to remove barriers to competition. As one of the flagship initiatives of Europe 2020, the EU's strategy to deliver smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the Digital Agenda for Europe seeks to optimise the benefits of digital technologies.

European Commission: Policies: Science and technology  

Ethics, Information Society, Audiovisual and Media, Media, Research

European Journal of Information, Law and Technology (EJILT)  

Publisher: School of Law, Queen's University of Belfast  

A refereed open access journal focusing on issues of law and technology in a European context. Previously published as the Journal of Law, Information and Technology (JILT) .

The Directory: Human Rights Organisations

Electronic Frontier Foundation  

Defending free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights in all digital rights issues.

The Directory: Law Associations: International

Computer Law Association  

Not-for-profit organisation established to inform and educate lawyers about the unique legal issues arising from the evolution, production, marketing, acquisition and use of information and communications technology.

The Directory: Law Associations: Law

Society for Computers and Law  

Leading UK organisation for legal professionals advising and practising within the IT sector.

The Directory: Professional Associations

British Computer Society (BCS)  

Exists to provide service and support to the IS community, including individual practitioners, employers of IS staff and the general public.

The Directory: Public Bodies O


Ofcom is the regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. It regulates the TV and radio sectors, fixed line telecoms, mobiles, postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate. Ofcom works with the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.

The Directory: Regulators


Ofcom is the communications regulator. We regulate the TV and radio sectors, fixed line telecoms, mobiles, postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate.

The Directory: Trade and Industry Organisations


Trade association for the information technology, telecommunications and electronics industries in the UK. Incorporates the members of the Computing Services & Software Association (CSSA) and the Federation of the Electronics Industry (FEI).

Software and Information Industry Association  

Principal trade association for the software and digital content industry.