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Law Resources: Property and Conveyancing

Council of Mortgage Lenders: CML Lenders' Handbook  

Provides solicitors and licensed conveyancers with comprehensive instructions setting out what lenders expect conveyancers to do when acting for them. Complies with the revised requirements of Rule 6(3) of the Solicitors' Practice Rules 1990.

Garden Law  

Covers issues with trees, roots, walls, boundaries, bonfires, garden burial  

Free articles and guides. Full service by subscription.

Law Resources: Property and Conveyancing: Scotland

Property Standardisation Group  

Group of four Scottish firms seeking to agree standardised documents and procedures for property transactions; promotes the use of them in transactions with other firms.

Services: Law Publishers

Estates Gazette: Property Law  

Expert interpretation of changes in legislation and case law. Read daily coverage of claims lodged, decisions issued and the implications of legislation and judicial developments on practice.

Services: Property Searches and Conveyancing Services

Conveyancing Fees  

Conveyancing fees rules, laws UK and tips on how to get best service for low conveyancing fees.

Conveyancing Liability Solutions Limited  

CLS provides residential and commercial title insurance products through our ConveySure suite of policies. Our expert team of legally qualified underwriters create solutions for a range of title related issues, quickly and cost effectively, online or off.  

Free stamp duty exemption checking tool for lawyers. Feesearch, tool to find the local the local authority, district land registry, county, water authority, mining searches etc. includnig up to date fees for conveyancing searches.  

Free reports by post code, providing buyers with information about risks such as old landfill sites, flooding, subsidence, radon, toxic sites and contaminated land.


Hoowla is modernising conveyancing for law firms and is a growing software provider for the conveyancing industry, developed in the UK and using the latest cloud technology. Hoowla offers a modern approach to conveyancing with case management software that includes full accounts and invoicing, precedents and letters, search ordering, Land Registry integration, online SDLT submissions, dashboard reporting and more. Their online conveyancing software helps firms process more conveyancing matters, improve communication and collaboration, reduce risk and manage compliance whilst providing a great customer experience along the way.

National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG)  

The core of NLIS/ScotLis is the National Land and Property Gazetteer which is itself the aggregation of Local Land and Property Gazetteers (LLPG). The NLPG will provide unambiguous identification of land and property and hence provide access to the information required for the conveyancing process.

National Land Information Service (NLIS)  

Provides electronic access to all the official sources of land and property information across the whole of England and Wales, from a single entry point.

OneSearch Direct  

We are a leading Property Information company and provide conveyancing search reports which play a key role in property transactions.

Property Web Solutions  

Property Web Solutions Ltd. provides a low cost and efficient nationwide Energy Performance Certificate and Floorplan solution for Estate Agents, Solicitors, Domestic Energy Assessors and other property professionals. We provide high quality and affordable website solutions for Estate Agents, Solicitors and EPC Providers. We can create and host a full website for you, or offer enhancements to your existing site such an EPC booking form. We are experts in helping to drive traffic to your website at the lowest cost. We could save you thousands on your Internet advertising bill. For more information please


Since 1997, PSG has been a leading provider of residential and commercial searches for legal and conveyancing professionals in England and Wales. Our personal approach and dedication to providing market leading searches ensures that we are well regarded as one of the premier search suppliers operating in the UK today.


With access to over 80 separate search types and an unparalleled range of conveyancing support services including anti-money laundering tools, title and chancel insurance and lease plans, we are the residential search provider of choice for thousands of residential law practices nationwide. Our commercial conveyancing searches portfolio covers the entire range of due diligence searches ensuring that you are compliant at all times. In addition to the Con29, LLC1 and Con29DW we provide a complete, up-to-date range of utilities and telecoms searches as well as environment and flood searches from leading data providers. That’s why we are trusted by so many top law firms.

Spicerhaart Group  

Bringing all aspects of the house buying process together using innovative technology.

STL Group plc  

As part of our one-stop-shop service, in addition to an extensive range of residential and commercial property searches, Land Registry documents and indemnities, we offer surveys, e-conveyancing technologies, company searches, an anti-money laundering solution and other legal support services.

TM Search  

TM Group is the largest provider of property searches to the conveyancing sector, but there’s more to us than just searches. We also join up all parties involved in a property transaction, from local authorities to mortgage lenders, providing powerful online solutions that encourage transparency and collaboration.


Veyo is a comprehensive conveyancing portal which brings together all the processes, checks and documentation prepared and undertaken by solicitors and licensed conveyancers in the sale and purchase of residential properties. Now in the final stages of development and testing, it will be launched in Spring 2015. Register now to keep up with the latest developments and to pre-qualify.

The Directory: Courts and Tribunals

High Court: Chancery Division  

The most common types of case we handle include: disputes relating to business, property or land disputes over trusts competition claims under either European or UK competition law commercial disputes (domestic and international) intellectual property issues disputes over the validity of a will (‘probate disputes’) We also hear appeals about: decisions of masters insolvency decisions made by High Court registrars or the County Court most decisions of the County Court decisions of certain tribunals We also handle a wide range of other issues which include: claims relating to partnerships (eg dissolution) cancelling, setting aside or correcting (‘rectifying’) errors in deeds and other legal instruments breaches of trust or contract professional negligence

High Court: Queen's Bench Division  

The cases we most commonly handle are disputes relating to: personal injury negligence breach of contract breach of a statutory duty breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 libel, slander and other torts non-payment of a debt and ‘enforcement orders’ which allow the court to ensure that a party complies with a judgment against them Many of these cases can also be heard by the Chancery Division. We also handle: applications to ‘enrol’ (register) deeds, including changing your name by deed poll registration of judgments obtained abroad so that they can be enforced in England and Wales election petitions to challenge the results of Parliamentary, European Parliamentary and local government elections applications for bail serving documents overseas and obtaining evidence for foreign courts registration and satisfaction of ‘bills of sale’ (legal agreements transferring title between a seller and a purchaser) ‘interpleader proceedings’ where a High Court Enforcement Officer is attempting to recover goods to settle a debt and a third party claims to be the owner of the goods All of these cases can only be heard by the Queen’s Bench Division. We maintain a list of group litigation orders (for managing cases where there are multiple claimants or defendants). We contain a number of specialist courts with their own individual areas of work: the Administrative Court the Admiralty Court the Commercial Court the Mercantile Court the Technology and Construction Court

Scottish Land Court  

Resolves a range of disputes, including disputes between landlords and tenants, in agriculture, farming and crofting.

The Directory: Courts and Tribunals: Tribunals

First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)  

We handle applications, appeals and references relating to disputes over property and land. Residential property disputes that we handle include: rent increases for fair or market rates leasehold disputes leasehold enfranchisement disputes about park homes improvement notices and prohibition orders where your notice is under the Housing Act 2004 disputes about licences for houses in multiple occupation the right to buy your council home being refused because it is deemed suitable for elderly people Land registration matters that we handle include: disputes over a change to the land register applications to correct or cancel certain documents relating to registered land Agricultural land and drainage matters that we handle include: disputes between agricultural tenants and landlords in relation to certain farming tenancies applications in respect of certain drainage disputes between neighbours. We also handle applications from valuation officers to enter premises to carry out certain valuations.

Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)  

Independent and specialist judicial body set up to resolve certain disputes concerning land.

Valuation Tribunal Service  

The VTS administers council tax and business rates appeals on behalf of the Valuation Tribunal for England. The service provided is independent and free, with hearings held locally.