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Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council  

Keeps under review the administrative justice system as a whole with a view to making it accessible, fair and efficient. Seeks to ensure that the relationships between the courts, tribunals, ombudsmen and alternative dispute resolution providers satisfactorily reflect the needs of users.

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS)  

Non-departmental public body for England, bringing together the services previously provided by the Family Court Welfare Service, the Guardian ad Litem Services and the Children’s Division of the Official Solicitor.

Civil Justice Council  

The Civil Justice Council (CJC) is responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating the modernisation of the civil justice system. CJC is an advisory non-departmental public body of the Ministry of Justice.

Criminal Cases Review Commission  

Independent body responsible for investigating suspected miscarriages of criminal justice in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority  

Administers compensation throughout Great Britain on the basis of common law damages to victims of a crime of violence.

Criminal Justice System of Northern Ireland (CJSNI)  

Point of access to the main statutory agencies and organisations which make up the system.

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service  

Provides Scotland's independent public prosecution and deaths investigation service. It is a Department of the Scottish Executive

Crown Prosecution Service  

Responsible for prosecuting people in England and Wales charged by the police with a criminal offence.

Family Justice Council  

Promotes an inter-disciplinary approach to the needs of family justice, and through consultation and research, to monitor the effectiveness of the system and advise on reforms necessary for continuous improvement.

Law Commission for England and Wales  

Statutory independent body created by the Law Commissions Act 1965 to keep the law under review and to recommend reform where it is needed. The aim of the Commission is to ensure that the law is fair, modern, simple and as cost-effective as possible.

Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers  

Aims to provide high-grade legal advice and support to the Attorney General and the Solicitor General (the Law Officers). The Attorney General, assisted by the Solicitor General, is the chief legal adviser to the Government. The Attorney General also has certain public interest functions, for example, in taking action to protect charities.

Northern Ireland Compensation Agency  

Supports the victims of violent crime by providing compensation to those who sustain loss as a result of actions taken under emergency provisions legislation.

Office of the Parliamentary Counsel  

Specialised team of lawyers who draft Government Bills for introduction into Parliament and related Parliamentary business.

Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)  

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) protects people in England and Wales who may not have the mental capacity to make certain decisions for themselves, such as about their health and finance. OPG is an executive agency, sponsored by the Ministry of Justice.

Official Solicitor and Public Trustee  

The Official Solicitor and Public Trustee (OSPT) support the work of the MOJ. They carry out separate functions, although their respective trusts, estates and deputyships are managed by the same team. The Official Solicitor provides access to the justice system for vulnerable people who may have problems understanding it due to their age or disability. The Public Trustee acts as executor or administrator of estates and as the appointed trustee of settlements. OSPT works with the Ministry of Justice.

Open Justice  

Publisher: MOJ  

Bringing together some of the key facts and real stories about different aspects of criminal justice; including sentencing and sentences, restorative justice, prison and probation.

Scottish Law Commission  

Independent body established by the Law Commissions Act 1965 to keep the law of Scotland under review and to recommend reforms when necessary.

Serious Fraud Office  

Independent government department that investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud.

Victim's Commissioner  

Promotes the interests of victims and witnesses, encourages good practice in their treatment and regularly reviews the Code of Practice for Victims which sets out the services victims can expect to receive.

Youth Justice Board (YJB)  

We oversee the youth justice system in England and Wales. We work to prevent children and young people under 18 from offending or re-offending. We ensure custody is safe and secure, and addresses the causes of their offending behaviour.