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The Directory: Law Associations: Barristers

Bar Council  

Serves to promote and improve the services and functions of the Bar, and to represent the interests of the Bar on all matters relating to the profession, whether trade union, disciplinary or public interest.

Bar Council and Bar Library of Northern Ireland  

Association of independent barristers based in the Bar Library, Belfast.

Faculty of Advocates  

Website of the Scottish bar, a body of independent lawyers who have been admitted to practise as Advocates before the Courts of Scotland.

Administrative Law Bar Association (ALBA)  

Promotes knowledge and development in the field of public law.

Bar Association for Local Government and the Public Service  

Protects and promotes the professional rights and interests of barristers employed in the public sector by giving advice to barristers seeking a career in the public sector, making representations to the Bar Council and elsewhere relating to training, rights of audience, direct access to counsel and by promoting professional knowledge.

Bar European Group (BEG)  

Forum for practitioners and academics to attend meetings, talks, conferences and other social events for those whose area of practice or interest is European law and issues concerning the European Union.

Chancery Bar Association (ChBA)  

A Specialist Bar Association for barristers whose practice consists primarily of chancery work.

Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR)  

Represents and promotes the interests of commercial barristers serving the specialist needs of commerce, including international commercial litigation and arbitration. Membership comprises leading commercial chambers and individual practitioners at the Commercial Bar whose expertise extends across the fields of international trade, shipping and aviation, banking and financial services, insurance and reinsurance, commodity transactions, insolvency, oil and gas/energy law, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, intellectual property, professional negligence, licensing, judicial review of government acts, employment, European Community matters, and private and public international law.

Criminal Bar Association (CBA)  

By far the largest of all the Specialist Bar Associations, with a current membership of over 2,800. Formed in 1969, it exists to represent the views of the practising members of the independent criminal Bar in England and Wales.

Employment Law Bar Association (ELBA)  

Forum of consultation on behalf of those barristers throughout the UK, in private and employed practice, who work in employment law.

European Circuit  

Membership body for all advocates delivering and developing cross-border practices in Europe.

Gray's Inn  

One of the four Inns of Court.

Inner Temple  

One of the four Inns of Court.

Intellectual Property Bar Association  

Specialist bar association for barristers practising intellectual property law in England and Wales.

Lincoln's Inn  

One of the four Inns of Court.

London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association  

For members practising in common law, commercial, parliamentary, intellectual property, revenue, planning or rating matters.

Middle Temple  

One of the four Inns of Court.

North Eastern Circuit  

Membership body for barristers in Yorkshire, County Durham and Northumbria.

Northern Circuit  

Membership body for barristers in those areas that span between Carlisle, Whitehaven, Lancashire, Manchester and Liverpool.

Personal Injuries Bar Association (PIBA)  

Specialist bar association for barristers who practise in the field of personal injuries.

Planning and Environment Bar Association (PEBA)  

Association of barristers who specialise in planning, environment, compulsory purchase, highways, housing, rating and other aspects of local government and administrative law.

Professional Negligence Bar Association (PNBA)  

Membership body open to practising and non-practising members of the Bar who maintain an interest in areas of Professional Negligence.

Property Bar Association (PBA)  

Professional body for Barristers in England & Wales who are able to certify in writing that not less than half of the matters that they deal with concern property or property-related work.

Public Access Bar Association  

Represents the interests of the several hundred English and Welsh barristers who offer direct legal services to the public and the business community in cases where the use of a solicitor is no longer necessary. Under the Bar scheme launched in 2004, members of the public and businesses may instruct barristers directly and without the intervention of a solicitor.

Revenue Bar Association (RBA)  

Members provide specialist tax advice and advocacy in relation to tax matters. The majority are tax specialists. The others have mixed practices, often Chancery work concentrating on the tax affecting trusts, estates and property. Members advise on technical points of tax law, planning, dealings with HM Revenue and Customs, as well as advocacy in the General and Special Commissioners', VAT and Duties Tribunals, as well as the High Court and beyond. Some members also have rights of audience in foreign courts.

South Eastern Circuit  

Organisation dedicated to supporting and representing the interests of all Barristers, across all practice areas, in London and the South East.

Technology and Construction Bar Association (TECBAR)  

Specialist bar association for barristers in independent practice who practise or who intend to practise regularly in the Technology and Construction Courts, both in London and in the provinces, or who do similar work in other courts or tribunals.

Wales and Chester Circuit  

Representing barristers in a number of issues throughout Wales and Chester.