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The Directory: Research Organisations

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology  

The UK's Centre of Excellence for integrated research in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and their interaction with the atmosphere.

Centre for Housing Policy  

Centre of excellence in policy relevant housing research at York University.

Credit Management Research Centre  

Working closely with the credit industry to provide research that informs government policy, the CRM (based at Leeds University Business School), focuses its research on three key areas: Consumer Credit, Commercial CreditCredit Scoring, and Risk and Propensity Modelling.

European Commission: Joint Research Centre  

Provides independent scientific and technical advice to the European Commission and Member States of the European Union (EU) in support of EU policies.

Freshwater Biological Association  

Independent scientific organisation founded in 1929 to promote freshwater science through innovative research, maintaining specialist scientific facilities and a programme of scientific meetings, producing publications, and by providing sound independent scientific opinion.

Higher Education and Research Opportunities in the UK (HERO)  

Web portal for the UK's universities, colleges and research organisations.

Institute for Employment Research - University of Warwick  

One of Europe's leading centres for research in the labour market field. Its work focuses upon the operation of labour markets and socio-economic processes related to employment and unemployment in the UK at national, regional and local levels.

Institute for Employment Studies  

Tasked with improving employment policy in the UK and internationally by carrying out authoritative research of practical relevance for policy makers and those responsible for implementing policy programmes and initiatives.

Institute of Arable Crops Research (IACR)  

Centre of excellence for science in support of sustainable land management and its environmental impact. From its centre at Rothamsted, its scientific research ranges from studies of genetics, biochemistry, cell biology and soil processes, to investigations at the ecosystem and landscape scale.

Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV)  

The leading academic centre for research and teaching on democratic local governance and strategic public management.

Intellectual Property Institute  

Carries out research on the economic and financial aspects of intellectual property. Membership comprises major corporations, law firms, the Patent Office, individual legal professionals and students

National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB)  

Independent, not-for-profit plant research and information centre based in Cambridge.

Policy Studies Institute  

One of Britain's leading research institutes, tasked with conducting research to promote economic well-being and good quality of life through the rigorous and impartial evaluation of policy in the UK and Europe.

Roslin Institute  

One of the world's leading centres for research on farm and other animals.

Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI)  

Research focuses on the processes that regulate the growth of plants and their responses to pests, pathogens and the environment. It includes genetics to breed crops with improved quality and nutritional value as fast as possible.

Scottish Executive Fisheries Research Services, Marine Laboratory  

The lead marine management organisation in Scotland. Established on 1st April, 2009 to integrate core marine functions involving scientific research, compliance monitoring, policy and management of Scotland's seas.

UK Global Environmental Research Office  

Tackling the 21st century's major environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity and natural hazards. A leader in providing independent research and training in the environmental sciences.

UK Research Councils  

There are seven UK Research Councils each established under Royal Charter: Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council, Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils, Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, Economic & Social Research Council, Medical Research Council, Natural Environment Research Council, Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council.