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CPD competence courses content

Following is a description of our CPD 2019 courses. There is a large archive of past articles and new content is periodically added to all sections.

A1/2019 Access to law and justice

Recent developments in access to law and justice via the internet.

A2/2019 Legal resources and updates

Useful online legal resources.

A3/2019 Internet tools and techniques

Online tools and techniques that will improve your use of the internet.

I1/2019 Understanding the internet

Emerging aspects of the internet and technologies and their relevance to lawyers.

I2/2019 Internet law and regulation

Recent developments in law and regulation relating to the internet.

P1/2019 Practice management for law firms

Aspects of practice management for law firms affected by internet and technology.

P1a/2019 Practice management for barristers

Aspects of practice management for barristers affected by internet and technology.

P2/2019 Websites and marketing

(Not suitable for Bar CPD)
The development and maintenance of websites and effective digital marketing.

P3/2019 Social media in practice

How social media is used in practice and issues arising.

P4/2019 AI and robots in practice

How artificial intelligence is being used in practice and issues arising.

R1/2019 Regulatory compliance

Guidance to help you comply with the CPD and Continuing Competence requirements

U1/2019 Keeping up to date in my area of practice

Use this selection to record the various ways in which you keep up to date in your area of practice.