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CPD competence service for lawyers

Are you internet savvy?

Whatever your field of practice, effective use of the internet is now essential to it.

Since 1995 we have been helping lawyers understand and make best use of the internet in their practice and since 2005 we have provided a CPD service with that objective.

Our Internet for Lawyers CPD competence service guides you, via online articles and exercises, through the legal resources and tools available, helps you understand the internet and the legal issues it raises and assists you in the practical application of internet services to your legal practice.

Your CPD competence plan

Under both the SRA solicitors' continuing competence and the BSB barristers' CPD schemes you must maintain a learning and development (CPD) plan, undertake relevant activities and keep appropriate records.

Using our CPD 2021 service you can create and maintain a plan and keep the appropriate records for SRA and BSB compliance purposes. Just Start a plan and Select relevant topics and you have an instant Plan and a Record which you can update during the year.


Our materials are designed to help you understand, learn more about and keep up to date with internet topics that affect or may affect your practice, organised in four sections as below.

All courses are periodically updated with new material, so if you used our service in previous years, you will now find new material in each course for 2021.

A – Internet Access

I – Internet Issues

P – Internet Practice

R – Regulatory compliance

U – Keeping up to date

More details are on the Topics page.

A very reasonable cost

Our CPD 2021 competence service individual subscription is now only 50+VAT.

Institutional subscriptions will be set up on application.

A CPD 2021 subscription provides access to the the full archive of CPD materials and your 2021 planning tool records. Purchasers will also receive our monthly Internet for Lawyers email update.

How it works

  1. Purchase a CPD 2021 subscription online, with immediate access.
  2. Create a 2021 plan, selecting from our topics.
  3. Read the informative articles for each topic online and follow up further reading links.
  4. Consider the relevance to your practice, what you have learned and how you will use this in future.
  5. Update your plan, recording time spent and what you have learned.
  6. Keep your record for SRA/BSB compliance purposes.

Who are we?

The Internet for Lawyers service is published by infolaw Limited. It is prepared and edited by Nick Holmes, a specialist for many years in legal information, legal resources and the use of the internet by lawyers, assisted by Alex Heshmaty, a legal copywriter and journalist with a particular interest in legal technology. View our biographies.

Many leading lawyers and information, IT and legal practice specialists have contributed articles in their areas of expertise.

Previous plans and records

You can continue to access earlier year plans to which you subscribed. If you have any queries please email