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Recent feedback from our users

"Itís always a bit of a drama completing the courses when time is so scarce. However, just to let you know I do enjoy your course work and find it stimulating and essential reading."

"I found the materials thought-provoking and enjoyed reading them. They drew my attention to a number of developments I had not come across and made me think about whether and, if so to what extent, I could or should use them in my practice."

"Very interesting course - the level of detail was perfect and it was a great overview of the most pertinent legal issues in this field."

"I enjoy the articles which are frequently relevant to me and my firm. I do find that they challenge me to think about processes and marketing especially. They also help in keeping abreast of technology and the law. Thank you."

"The courses provided a means of acquiring CPD points that was informative, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. Congratulations!"

"Once again, this is an enjoyable experience. The breadth of material is excellent and I truly do feel I've enhanced my practice and kept on top of the latest online changes."

"This course was very interesting: it addressed some thought-provoking themes. It was well put together, and well designed in that not only could a newly qualified person deal with the questions, but also there was sufficient material to challenge someone with more years experience."

"Interesting and educational. The questions required one to think about the subject rather than simply parrot the text of the articles."

"I found this course fascinating, informative and easy to digest. Very satisfied and would purchase other similar courses in the future to keep my knowledge current. Thank you!"

"I found this a great course. The articles and questions asked were thought provoking. Much better than fact dumping and multiple choice questions. For me this has been a conversation on some important issues for my own practice."

"The articles ... were very interesting, up to date, informative and beneficial. I have taken a number of pieces of advice from them."

"The course was interesting and informative. It is exceedingly helpful to have information like this. There are still some solicitors who do not engage fully with the 'digital age' but it is nice to see more information being produced which addresses the modern workplace and technology."

"This is the first time I have done a course like this and I have found it extremely interesting and relevant. What I have read will be beneficial to me in considering ways forward with the use of the internet. ... I will definitely do one of your courses in the future and also recommend you."

"Fantastic course content, questions and value."

"As usual the courses are excellent ... topical, easy to digest and exceptional value for money. The course met the outcomes and very interesting overall. I will certainly check the CPD course next year as part of my overall assessment."

"A very enjoyable and stimulating course. Easy to access, good value and relevant materials for me."

"I have greatly enjoyed reviewing the articles provided. As a sole practitioner, it can be a lonely ride. It is most interesting to read other lawyers perspectives on the same issue. It is also reassuring to know that I am doing something right! I found it incredibly easy to locate this course and even easier to purchase and download the materials. I will definitely re-visit this site for the next CPD year. The course is excellent value for money."

"The course was extremely interesting, unlike other internet related courses for solicitors that basically treat us like IT dummies and so called specialists that discuss the meaning of a browser and SEO, so this is rather refreshing. ... There were cheaper alternatives available. However I was looking for something more varied and interesting, rather than tedious ... recorded podcasts. Also I feel that reading articles is more engaging."