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infolaw is the longest-established legal information resources site in the UK. It is designed primarily as an information resource for lawyers and is also used by businesses and individuals seeking legal advice and resources.

We attract approximately 100,000 page views each month.

We are an exclusively law/legal themed site and, through high quality of content and extensive referrals over many years, all pages achieve a high page rank for specific legal search terms.

There are several ways you can advertise on infolaw, described below. Let us know what products or services you want to advertise and your objectives and we'll be pleased suggest the placements that will be most effective for you.

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Banner and text ads

Leaderboard ads (728 x 90) can be placed in the header on the infolaw home page, on Lawfinder pages and on the Precedent Store.

Half banner ads (234 x 60) can be placed on the infolaw home page sidebar; on the Lawfinder sidebar; and on the Binary Law home page sidebar.

Text ads can be placed on the infolaw home page Featured Services; and on the Binary Law home page sidebar.

Lawfinder display listings

Sponsored listings can be placed on Lawfinder to show above browses for your sponsored categories and search results for any keywords matching your description.

Banner images can be used in place of text for greater impact in display listings.

Examples: (browse Law Resources) Employment, (browse Blogs) Medical Negligence, (browse Services) Legal Transcription, (search Solicitors) Personal Injury.

Sponsored content

Our Partner Showcase is a WordPress subsite designed to help with content marketing for the UK legal industry. We publish good quality articles on UK legal topics.

Newsletter Features in the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers provide an effective way for suppliers to promote their products and services to lawyers via targeted editorial copy placed in the online version of the Newsletter and promoted via links in the Newsletter, on the infolaw home page and on

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Internet Newsletter for Lawyers

This is published bi-monthly in print and online on infolaw. See the Newsletter Advertising page for advertising options and pricing.