Barristers CPD for 2017

The Bar Standards Board has finally come up with draft guidelines for their new CPD scheme, commencing 1 January 2017.

For 2017 there will be no requirement to complete a set number of CPD hours. You will have individual responsibility for what training you require and you will have increased flexibility in the types of CPD activities that you can complete.

The four required stages you should complete are:

Stage 1: Planning. Complete a plan of the CPD that you are going to undertake: set learning objectives which should provide specific aims and outcomes.

Stage 2: Recording and evidence. Complete CPD activities and keep a record of them.

Stage 3: Reflecting on your CPD activities. Which learning objectives you completed, which you did not complete and why, which you changed.

Stage 4: Declaring completion. Submit a formal declaration that you have completed your CPD requirements.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, 2016! You should complete 12 hours CPD from accredited CPD providers. You can do this with our Internet for Lawyers CPD 2016 courses.