Author: Richard Hugo-Hamman

Richard Hugo-Hamman is the CEO of LEAP Legal Software, a leading provider of cloud software and legal content to small law firms in the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore. Richard comments regularly on matters affecting small law firms.

How to overcome the skills shortage

Risky once-in-a-generation skills shortage poses existential threat to firms Legal employers are now facing a skills shortage. UK unemployment has fallen to a 44-year low of 3.8% and employees, armed with more options than ever, are constantly on the move to greener pastures. The inability to replace a good employee can pose a severe threat […]

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Becoming a highly successful small law firm

Richard Hugo-Hamman, Executive Chairman of LEAP, gives his advice on how small law firms can become more successful Building a successful law firm requires thought and planning but above all it requires action. 89% of all law firms have between one and five partners and, like many small businesses, they are often under-resourced with many […]

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Ensuring the long-term growth of your law firm

Richard Hugo-Hamman, executive chairman of LEAP, discusses change and how to use technology to keep ahead of the curve. Your law firm is a business, growth and profitability is paramount. You want to see your client base grow and your profits increase. More importantly, you don’t want to go backwards just because you are so […]

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The paperless office: dream or reality? 5 practical tips to make it happen

Small law firms have a significant competitive advantage – you can get things done! Large law firms like any large organisation have complex systems and layers of management. They are complicated. Small firms are not. Despite conventional wisdom, technology use in small law firms is typically more sophisticated than in large law firms for one […]

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