Contributor guide

These notes are intended for past and current contributors, but may be of interest to other users.

The Internet Newsletter for Lawyers online is an infolaw-hosted WordPress site.

As a contributor to the Newsletter you are registered on the site with role Contributor. As a Contributor you can login to your dashboard, draft and submit articles (posts), moderate comments on your published articles and maintain your bio and other profile information.

Your dashboard

Login to your dashboard here.

All contributors are pre-registered with a username in the form firstnamelastname. The first time you login, if you have not been advised a password you will need to click Lost password, then enter your email address or your username and you will be sent a link which will log you in to your dashboard where you can enter a new password.

Your profile

To provide/maintain your personal information, select your Profile and enter the information there. Please keep your bio information concise (up to 50 words); it will be displayed above your article archive (see below). You can use standard html within the bio to make links.

Your profile pic

For your profile picture go to Gravatar. Sign in there with, or create, a account; you then associate your pic with that account and it will be used on any WordPress site where you sign in or comment with that email.


As a Contributor you can if you wish draft and submit your articles (posts) using your dashboard; they will then be edited and published by Nick and Delia. However, we are of course quite happy to receive them by email as Word docs or shared Google docs.


As a Contributor you can moderate comments left on your articles.

Article archive

You can view your article archive on the Newsletter site either by selecting your name from the Index by Author drop-down in the sidebar or by clicking on your name in a by-line.

If you have completed it, your bio will appear above the archive. If you have registered your pic at, it will appear alongside your bio.

Note that the pretty URL for an author archive is in the form

Spread the word

Please promote your articles by linking to them on your website or blog and by sharing links via Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn (use the buttons at the end of the articles).

You’re also welcome to republish and reuse your articles after initial publication in the Newsletter, but please do give due attribution and link to the Newsletter.

Thanks for your contribution.


Please send questions, comments and suggestions about your contributions or any other aspect of the Newsletter site to