Newsletter features

Newsletter Features provide an effective way for suppliers to promote their products and services to lawyers and attract referrals to their website with targeted editorial copy placed in the online version of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers (here) and promoted through links and references in the Newsletter, on and and on social media.

The articles

Articles will be accepted on any topic of interest to lawyers where use of the internet is an important feature. Articles may promote any relevant product or service and may be in the form of case studies, white papers or more straightforward “advertorial”.

We retain editorial control of the articles and can refuse any they do not think suitable but subject to this, the article will be published as provided by the advertiser with minor edits.

Articles should be supplied as Word docs or as html (no PDFs please) and may be up to 1500 words in length and contain one or two pictures or straightforward graphics. They will be restyled in html according to the Newsletter style.

Here are past examples.


  • Newsletter Features are published here in the same way as normal Newsletter articles, attributed to the named Author and categorised by Subject and as “Newsletter Features”.
  • Links to the articles are also included on the Venables website in appropriate positions.
  • We share articles actively through updates on social media, as appropriate to the topic in hand: on Twitter, from @lawtweets, @nickholmes and on LinkedIn.
  • A linked excerpt from the article features in the next Internet for Lawyers email which complements the Newsletter. It goes out to over 2,000 opted in subscribers.


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