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July 2019 issue

The new EU copyright directive: backing creatives
An Uber model for legal services delivery?
Information overload: time to take a break?
Key IT skills for modern lawyers
Thinking about our digital afterlives
Airbnb should be seen as a digital service provider
Porn age checks delayed (again)

May 2019 issue

Case prediction analytics: enhancing the litigator’s armoury
Recent developments at Justis
Litigation crowdfunding – on the rise
Legal services: starting from scratch
The Online Court and the digitisation of justice
Why content marketing is crucial to your digital strategy

March 2019 issue

Digital copyright: new challenges and opportunities
Smart settlement: an opportunity for mediators
The business case for remote working
Understanding algorithms
Driverless cars: moving forward
Courtroom technologies
The Web at 30
Regulating the interwebs

January 2019 issue

Why privacy is the key to Facebook’s fake news problem
The enigmatic Twitter
An SEO health check
Drones: some legal sightlines
The open web (we wish)
The new Venables website
A farewell from Delia Venables
The Newsletter way back

November 2018 issue

GDPR – the dust is settling
Open access to case law – how do we get there?
LinkedIn – the lawyer’s social media channel of choice
Legal information online in the Republic of Ireland
The state of legal blogs
Why blog?
The Internet, Warts and All

September 2018 issue

Copyright and the blockchain
What is legal design?
The case for offering free legal advice – in 2018
Open data: free to use and republish
Why have multiple websites?
Government surveillance
Publications and blogs

July 2018 issue

Collaboration using web based apps
The right to be forgotten – updated
Changing your cloud system supplier
Legal ebooks: who needs them? finally up to date?
Tracking: your digital trail
Open law: digital common property

May 2018 issue

Developments in ODR and the online court
Re-consenting to marketing under GDPR?
IT and practice management for chambers
Cryptocurrencies explained
When and how to use 301 redirects
Algorithms in law
Online justice news
The Law Society Guide to Good Practice

March 2018 issue

CRM: the business case for automation
Link building best practices and strategies
Facebook as a marketing platform for lawyers
Where next for alternative legal services providers?
Direct access – how is it going?
Do I still need to use the www in URLs?

January 2018 issue

What we learned about the internet in 2017 (1): Big Tech
What we learned in 2017 (2): AI, robots and social media
What we learned in 2017 (3): The courts
Thinking strategically about Brexit and data protection
Transcription, voice recognition, document generation and AI
Links in law and practice
Legal software and IT in Ireland
Cybercrime explained

November 2017 issue

Technology and access to justice: the end of the beginning?
Legal jobs and recruitment online
A GDPR impact assessment for websites
Artificial intelligence in law in perspective
Online publishing news
HMCTS reform update

September 2017 issue

GDPR – beyond the panic
Why implement https?
A justice system fit for the future
Solicitors providing free content on their websites
Online resources at IALS Digital
What is encryption?
Online law publishing developments

July 2017 issue

Electronic evidence from the internet
An intelligent robot lawyer – really?
Billy, the robotic junior clerk
Competitive advertising on the internet
What are chambers’ websites for?
Digital legacies
Don’t pay lawyers?

May 2017 issue

Companies selling legal services online
Employment tribunal judgments online
How not to commission a website
Time for a new intranet at Leigh Day
What are smart contracts?
Publications, launches and events

March 2017 issue

Online courts: the human impact
Completing legal directory submissions for the Bar
Legal services market – who are you afraid of?
Digitising the courts
What is predictive coding?
Solicitors selling legal services online

January 2017 issue

Why intellectual property matters to your practice
Online publishing news
The virtual law firm three years on
Content versus metadata
Digital marketing services for lawyers
Privacy in 2017
Virtual reality for lawyers

November 2016 issue

The intangible law firm
8 analytics tips for success online
Brexit, copyright and liminality
Legal software suppliers A to Z
Free content in your inbox
What is Net Neutrality?
Barristers CPD for 2017
The IALS Open Book Service for Law
Upgrading the law, regrading lawyers

September 2016 issue

Changes to CPD
Confidently confidential
Chatbots for customer service
IT security for barristers
Cloud-based software for lawyers
Introducing the GDPR

July 2016 issue

New e-learning tools and blended learning
Changes to AdWords
A snoopers’ charter for employers?
New ADR Regulations being blatantly ignored
What is Google Apps?
The “dispersed” law firm
Twitter: how it works

May 2016 issue

Is the Privacy Shield adequate?
BAILII recent projects
10 steps to becoming cyber resilient
Outsourcing your marketing activities
Blogs of use to lawyers
My Social Media: Sir Henry Brooke
Bring Your Own Device: an introduction
Working with data

March 2016 issue

ODR: no longer just an alternative
What is the blockchain?
Unblocking the resale of digital goods
Lawbore: legal education made fun
Middle Temple Library in the internet age
Clerksroom Direct: public access in motion
Big Data: an introduction

January 2016 issue

Developments at ICLR: expanding online
Free current awareness legal resources
Free2Convey: the free conveyancing portal
Ten tips for effective content distribution
Driverless cars: an introduction
UK Human Rights Blog
Working with documents (you found on the internet)

November 2015 issue

Open access explained
Life after Safe Harbor – an action plan
Commenting on social media: reputational risks
Do you need SEO or digital marketing?
Taking Direct Access barristers online
Using LinkedIn to recruit staff
The ad blocking debate
Typography for Lawyers
The Future of the Professions

September 2015 issue

Can ODR deliver better access to justice?
The intellectual property revolution
Getting the best from GOV.UK
Introducing eDisclosure and eSignatures
Free case law resources online
Five free (or low cost) digital marketing tools
What is the Deep Web?
New Internet for Lawyers courses from Nick and Delia

July 2015 issue

Google’s mobile-friendly updates
Mootis: a bespoke legal social media platform
Developments at
Academic and library resources online
Changes to CPD
Sharing, caring and re-intermediating
Drones: an introduction
The 5 best free digital marketing tools

May 2015 issue

Transparency: promoting public understanding of the law
My Social Media: Bill Jones
The new emplaw online
Veyo – the future of conveyancing?
Take care when users post on your website
Setting up a commercial firm on a virtual model
The Internet of Things: an introduction

March 2015 issue

Are you (digitally) competent?
Bidding on competitors’ trade marks in AdWords
My SCL years remembered
My Social Media: Colin Yeo
How much do you value your contacts?
Know your client: checking for sanctions
VAT on cross-border digital services
Author, librarian, academic, lawyer

January 2015 issue

Access to justice through technology
The new Centre for Law and Information Policy
A barrister-only ABS enabled by technology
Getting to know Google Analytics
My Social Media: Mark Gould
New cloud systems for lawyers
Apps for lawyers
The Big Advice Survey
Changes to CPD for 2015

November 2014 issue

Generating business online: are you contented?
Document quality and automation in the cloud
Why customer reviews are so important
Matrix International and the internet
Do we remember the point of the “right to be forgotten”?
Wearable technology
International legal resources

September 2014 issue

Working on the web
SEO: law and good practice
Who links to my site?
Reinventing law
ODR in family law
Justice online

July 2014 issue

The future of law reporting
BYOD is no fun for SysAdmins
Electronic evidence
Are blogs any use to law firms?
A court reporting restriction database
Legal news and resources in the USA

May 2014 issue

Copyright in website images
What is Bitcoin?
The future of digital copyright
Internet skills for lawyers
European institutions and legal resources
Copyright, fair use and the advance of culture

March 2014 issue

Getting local in search
Big Data for Law
Twitter for law job seekers
Social media monitoring
Lawyers selling SaaS
Languages for lawyers
Free European sources
The UKSC Blog

January 2014 issue

What is Google Plus?
The future of privacy
The Law Society’s online Conveyancing Portal
Legal services – who are you afraid of in 2014?
Design your website as a marketing tool
LinkedIn for law job seekers
How to study languages on the internet

November 2013 issue

Setting up a law firm e-commerce site
RSS is alive and well
Google Hummingbird takes flight
Event planning – for both real and virtual events
Social media and the courts
Blogging law updates

September 2013 issue

Justice on the move
Adapting websites for mobile devices
Misuse of social media by employees
Press regulation for web publishers and bloggers
Keeping up to date with the law (2)
Under a cloud of suspicion?
New CPD courses for Lawyers from Nick and Delia

July 2013 issue

Implementing a hosted practice management system
DropBox – a lawyer’s perspective
The best of both – bricks and mortar and virtual
Best of the Legal Web – specific practice areas
Recent developments in information law
Keeping up to date with the law

May 2013 issue

The digital shift – themes shaping the legal agenda
Google Drive and Chromebook
Every silver lining has a cloud
Best of the Legal Web – general resources
Are your online efforts working?
Data Privacy Law app
The web is (only) 20 years’ old

March 2013 issue

Skype for lawyers
Responsive web design
What’s up GOV?
Don’t let the hype cloud your judgment
LawSauce – a new legal app
Panopticon – a favoured information law blog
Direct Access barristers – getting clients online
Legal IT Inside(r)
Disruptive technologies – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

January 2013 issue

Legal service providers – who are you afraid of?
Tomorrow’s Lawyers
Pay per click – how to use it effectively
Should lawyers Surface?
Client feedback and business development
Online dispute resolution
Access to judgments

November 2012 issue

eBooks for lawyers – an essential guide
Paperless or paper-light?
Managing domain names – top ten legal tips
Social media as a legal tool (2)
From wills to websites
News v blogs – which is best?
Havers – Defining the Bar
CaseCheck premium version

September 2012 issue

Can copyright adapt to the digital age?
Distance selling – the law
Developments at Cecile Park Publishing
The end of personal injury lawyers?
Social media in the workplace
Developments at Law Society Publishing
Bringing the statute book up to date

July 2012 issue

Legal process outsourcing: How far can it go?
Website terms – longer than Hamlet
The benefits of providing free online content
DIY law
The Co-operative Legal Services ABS
Digital developments at OUP law
Practice management systems in the cloud (2)
The Justice website

May 2012 issue

Justice wide open
Practice management systems in the cloud
Linex Smart Alerts
Two ebiz topics
Barristers Public Access: How successful has it been so far?
LexisNexis eBooks
Keeping up with IP law
Cloud computing

March 2012 issue

Comparing website proposals
An online solicitor in Scotland
BIALL Solos / one man bands
The changing legal landscape – threats and opportunities
Promoting your chambers
Who owns copyright in judgments?
Keeping up with information law
ProView professional grade ebooks

January 2012 issue

Introducing ICLR Online
Two ebiz topics
Video conferencing
The case for offering free legal advice
Keeping up with technology and media law
The end of print? Not yet!
QualitySolicitors – how is it going?
Microsoft Office 365 – for lawyers

November 2011 issue

Is free law good enough?
A sole practitioner in the internet age
The end of print? – a law librarian’s view
Two ebiz topics
Writing barrister profiles
Should lawyers give free advice to attract clients?
Law reports on YouTube – Scotland leads the way
Taking your firm into the cloud
Legal apps arrive

September 2011 issue

Social media as a legal tool
The rise (and rise) of the iPad lawyer?
The end of print? – the law publishers reply
Two ebiz topics
Keeping your website up to date
Are brands (for services) dead?
The paperless office – 12 months on

July 2011 issue

Rough and ready Justice
Connect2Law – referral with a difference
The new JustCite citator
Key sites for keeping up to date with case law and the myth of Sisyphus
Social media policies for the workplace
Family Procedure Rules OK?

May 2011 issue

Law publishing – the end of print?
DPS hosted systems
Risks of social media use in the workplace
Free web resources for property lawyers
Importing online contacts and data protection
Ten years of BAILII
Risks of outsourcing and cloud computing

March 2011 issue

Microsoft solutions stacking up in legal
Free web resources for civil lawyers
Do law firms need a CRM solution?
Domain name disputes
Keeping a specialised website up to date
Social networking – do you get it?
Transcripts of Judicial Proceedings in England and Wales

January 2011 issue

Blogging – been there, done that?
Specialised websites
Free web resources for criminal lawyers
Legal Eagles
Quill Pinpoint outsourced legal cashiering service
Law ebooks – guidance and questions
The paperless office – second time lucky?