Find missing heirs

We apply our proven methodical and diligent approach to each and every case we handle and, coupled with a thorough understanding of the considerable technological and historical sources currently available, successful enquiries can often be guaranteed or no fee is payable.

Finders have been successfully finding missing heirs and beneficiaries for lawyers for many years. We offer a fast, friendly and cost-effective service. Experienced and professional research and comprehensive, easy to understand reports.

Whether you need to find missing legatees, trace residuary beneficiaries to a Deceased person’s Estate, need to locate owners of unclaimed money or shares, find an heir to a legacy,

Finders can help by identifying and locating all types of missing beneficiaries.

Finders provide Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance Policies quickly and inexpensively as agents of Norwich Union.

We offer immediate, free of charge, no-obligation advice and quotations.

Legal guidance available where there are no known next of kin or where a Bona Vacantia Estate exists. Bona Vacantia claims submitted and all blood relatives and entitled beneficiaries found. Intestate Succession Law guidance and charts available online.

Finders provide free estimates, a choice of fee options; Budget, Contingency Fee, Estate/Trust Agreement Fee or Fixed Fee. All quotations free of charge or obligation.

Obtain a quote or instruct us online or by phone, fax, post or email.

  • Tracing heirs is possible from date of death only, last known address only or minimal information.
  • We offer a QC approved solution when tracing missing heirs or locating missing or unknown beneficiaries.
  • Finders is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists
  • Registered Expert Witness
  • We offer the reassurance of our Professional Conduct Code
  • Worldwide research undertaken to find missing heirs
  • Full International network – Probate Genealogy worldwide
  • Missing beneficiaries can be found worldwide
  • Full genealogical reports and family trees provided to the legal profession.

Finders are a Carbon Neutral company. Our business operations have zero impact on the environment. Our Environmental Policy details can be seen on our website.