Legal Simplicity online drafting service

AutomateLegal Simplicity is a new free online drafting service for law firms from Evident Legal which will suit the needs of small firms, sole practitioners and small in-house teams.

Legal Simplicity provides frequently-used commercial and private client precedents automated with the Exari document assembly engine.

Legal Simplicity’s online service provides access to core precedents in key practice areas, use of the drafting tool, and online storage, with access from desktop, tablet or smartphone. Output is fully styled for Word, so documents automatically re-number and cross-references update when you add or remove clauses. You can use a docx converter to apply your own firm’s house style.

The basic service is free with various upgrade options for customised/bepoke services. Evident are funding Legal Simplicity through advertising and sponsorship with “a little help” from their venture capital backers.

Image: Contract Analysis