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HotDocs in the Cloud

HotDocs today announced the official launch of HotDocs Cloud Services – a cloud-based platform that facilitates the embedding of HotDocs automated document generation technologies into an organisation’s own process systems.

HotDocs is used by thousands of law firms, legal publishers, financial institutions and government bodies to streamline the process of creating repeat documentation.

HotDocs Cloud Services harnesses the benefits of cloud computing and offers existing and new customers an innovative alternative to on-premise, closed and proprietary document generation products, instead providing flexible access to our industrial strength cloud platform and integration tools on a “pay as you use’” basis.

HotDocs Cloud Services is a subscription service that customers can start using immediately. The new technology, which has been in beta testing for over a year, comes with a toolbox of integration applications that enable rapid deployment of HotDocs templates into many web applications, customers’ cloud or on premise applications. A key design feature of Cloud Services enables the transmission of data between a web application and the document generation engine without the long-term storage of sensitive data in the cloud. Essentially, once Cloud Services has utilised a data set for the purpose of generating a document, the data is deleted – an approach with complies with the data-protection policies of most risk averse organisations.

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Legal Simplicity online drafting service

AutomateLegal Simplicity is a new free online drafting service for law firms from Evident Legal which will suit the needs of small firms, sole practitioners and small in-house teams.

Legal Simplicity provides frequently-used commercial and private client precedents automated with the Exari document assembly engine.

Legal Simplicity’s online service provides access to core precedents in key practice areas, use of the drafting tool, and online storage, with access from desktop, tablet or smartphone. Output is fully styled for Word, so documents automatically re-number and cross-references update when you add or remove clauses. You can use a docx converter to apply your own firm’s house style.

The basic service is free with various upgrade options for customised/bepoke services. Evident are funding Legal Simplicity through advertising and sponsorship with “a little help” from their venture capital backers.

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Precedents on Disk (way back)

diskConsider the WP scene in the mid-80s when I first produced Precedents on Disk for what was then Longman Law Tax & Finance (since purchased by Sweet & Maxwell). We catered for the most common word processor formats of the day, including dedicated word processors like IBM Displaywriter, Decmate, Wang and Wordplex; DOS (PC) word processors including versions of Wordstar, WordPerfect (yay!) and (later) MS Word. We also catered for other OS: Wang OIS, Unix and even Amstrad PCW! We catered not only for differing WP formats, but differing disk formats: 8″, 5.25″, and 3.5″, single/double sided, single/double/high density.

We tried to satisfy the majority. PC formats we produced in-house using various document conversion utilities; the rest we sent out for conversion by a specialist company, though we did later purchase an AlterText system. What a nightmare.

Gradually the WP world standardised. Now we have Word/Open Office and all other apps will read those. Simples.

Check the list below of the formats then in use and weep.

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