Beswick and Wine: Buying and Selling Private Companies and Businesses 10th edition

Author: Susan Singleton

Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional

Publication date: February 2018

Format: Paperback + CD

Price: £140 + VAT

Structured to reflect the process in practice Beswick and Wine: Buying and Selling Private Companies and Businesses focuses on the key commercial, tax and legal issues that arise from business sales. By addressing fundamental issues from the perspective of both the seller and the purchaser it is a perfect handbook for all those involved in such acquisitions.

From due diligence through to completion of the share purchase or business transfer agreement Beswick and Wine: Buying and Selling Private Companies and Businesses contains clear, expert advice.

The 10th edition has been fully revised and updated to include:

  • Latest Companies Act 2006 cases;
  • Tax changes including to entrepreneurs’ relief and both corporate and personal taxes and impact on sale of share and sale of assets of a company;
  • Sectoral specific changes such as changes to intellectual property and competition law and impact on due diligence process including EU data protection regulation.

It also includes checklists, draft enquiries, letters of disclosure and a specimen completion agenda, together with an accompanying electronic download containing all the precedents in the work.


Part I: The Seller’s Perspective
Chapter 1: An overview of the sale process
Chapter 2: Assessment of marketability
Chapter 3: Preparing the sale
Chapter 4: Marketing
Chapter 5: Negotiation process
Part II: The Purchaser’s Perspective
Chapter 6: An overview of the acquisition process
Chapter 7: Acquisition strategy
Chapter 8: The search process
Chapter 9: Negotiation
Chapter 10: Due Diligence
Part III: The Acquisition Agreement
Chapter 11: General principles
Chapter 12: Share purchase
Chapter 13: Business transfer agreement
Part IV: Post–completion
Chapter 14: Announcements and notifications
Chapter 15: Implementing changes to the workforce
Chapter 16: Stamp duty
Part V: Special Situations
Chapter 17: Buy-outs
Chapter 18: Buying and selling technology businesses
Part VI: Precedents


“It would be a very brave, very confident or very reckless lawyer who did not have this book alongside when undertaking either a sale or purchase of a private company for a client…It is a magisterial work…The ninth edition of this essential work can be unreservedly recommended.” – Stephen Bloomfield, International Company and Commercial Law Review (Review of 9th Edition)

“a practical and thorough treatment of a complex subject. No one who buys this book will be disappointed.” – Law Society Gazette, Law Society Gazette (Review of a previous edition)

“…provides an excellent summary of the legal and taxation aspects of buying and selling a business or shares in a private company…invaluable as a practical guide.” – Journal of the Law Society of Scotland, Journal of the Law Society of Scotland (Review of a previous edition)