Sale and Supply of Goods and Services 3rd edition

Author: Richard Christou

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

Format: Hardback + CD

Publication date: December 2014

Price: £275 + VAT

Sale and Supply of Goods and Services is a practical guide for commercial lawyers providing a comprehensive view of transactions relating to the supply of goods and services.

The core of the book deals with pre-contractual issues, the formation of the relevant contracts and the discharge of contractual obligations providing practitioners with the information needed to solve the issues encountered in practice. This edition includes a CD-Rom of precedents.

New commentary includes:

  • An up-to-date analysis of consumer protection law, including the latest development from EU law and an analysis of the consumer rights bill 2014-2015 currently going through parliament
  • An analysis of the current position on consumer credit law, including the new role of the financial conduct agency
  • An analysis of the new legislation dealing with off-premises and distance contracts after the implementation of the consumer rights directive


  • Gives a complete guide to the principles, practice and procedure for all aspects of the supply of goods and services
  • Provides the information to solve the issues encountered in practice
  • Covers pre-contractual issues, the formation of contracts, the discharge of contracts and defective performance
  • Looks at the legal principles, the practical issues relating to making and refuting claims, and the use of third parties to resolve them, giving the background as well as the tactics to employ
  • Covers business to business and business to consumer transactions, as well as transactions between private individuals
  • Includes a whole section on Sale of Goods and the Internet
  • Considers the factors which can make a defective contract including mistake, frustration and force majeure, clarifying the principles
  • Helps resolve clients disputes by providing guidance on remedies for defective performance under contract and tort , and where misrepresentation or unjust enrichment are involved
  • Covers the methods of dispute resolution which are available including the county court, High Court, arbitration, mediation and ADR


Chapter 1: Business to Business transactions

  • 1.1 sale of goods
  • 1.2 supply of goods
  • 1.3 carriage of goods
  • 1.4 supply of services
  • 1.5 goods as security
  • 1.6 sale and supply of goods and services on credit

Chapter 2: contracting with consumers

Chapter 3: transactions for the sale and supply of goods and services between private individuals

Chapter 4: Sale of goods and services and the internet

Chapter 5: Data protection and freedom of information in relation to sale and supply of goods and services

Chapter 6: Defective contracts for the sale and supply of goods and services

Chapter 7: Outside events affecting performance of contracts

Chapter 8: Remedies in contract for defective performance

Chapter 9: Other remedies for defective performance

Chapter 10: Dealing with disputes

Chapter 11: Sale and supply of goods and services: dispute resolution

The author

Richard Christou is a Corporate Advisor to Fujitsu Ltd and has many years of experience drafting, advising on and negotiating commercial agreements.

Richard regularly gives talks and presentations at events and conferences and has written many other titles including Boilerplate Practical Clauses, International Agency, Distribution and Licensing Agreements and Drafting Commercial Agreements.