Matrimonial Conveyancing

Author: Stephen Harker

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

Format: Paperback + CD

Publication date: December 2010

Price: £119 + VAT

An essential reference covering all the procedures involved with conveyancing a former matrimonial home. The highly respected work provides expert information for both conveyancing practitioners and family law specialists, providing an easy, CD reference to forms and precedents that can be utilised and adapted to meet the particular situations.

The new 10th edition has been completely updated to reflect a raft of case law and legislative developments, Matrimonial Conveyancing:

  • Updates all precedents and all related commentary through the Land Registration (Amendment) Rules 2008, which replaced all HMLR forms
  • Includes the New Land Registration Fee Order which came into effect in July 2009 and directly impacts on all transactions
  • Covers issues around joint ownership for unmarried couples in greater detail, in light of legal developments in cohabitation law, particularly following Stack v Dowden
  • Reflects the evolution of Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Provides updated commentary on relief and mortgage debts