Author, librarian, academic, lawyer

YouGov research reveals that the most desired jobs in Britain are not what you might expect; they are not even the most reliably well paid ones. Instead of actors and musicians, it seems that an aura of prestige still surrounds the quiet, intellectual life enjoyed by authors (60 per cent of respondents would like to be one), librarians (54 per cent), academics (51 per cent) and lawyers (43 per cent). In most cases, men and women have similar views, although (surprise, surprise) men are far more likely to want to be train drivers, Formula 1 drivers, astronauts and MPs, while women are more likely to want to be interior designers and librarians. The British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) is pleased: “Whilst it might be said that many respondents could be envisaging a stereotype rather than the reality of the multifaceted role of the modern librarian, many law librarians certainly agree that ours is a very desirable career.”

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