For a profile of the Newsletter readership, see the About page.

Advertising in the Newsletter provides exposure to our readership through a number of media channels:

  • The print version is distributed to around 150 subscribers
  • The majority of subscribers now prefer the PDF version which is distributed to over 1,300 adresses
  • Around 30 institutions republish or redistribute the print and PDF versions
  • Our Legal Web Watch email newsletter, including direct links to the Newsletter online, is sent to approx 2,000 opted-in individuals

In addition, there is free access to the Newsletter online (this site). The Newsletter receives around 30,000 page views a month.

Newsletter issues are published every other month, in print and PDF and online, early January, March, May, July, September and November. Additional articles are published online in between these issues.

Advertising options

1. Sponsorship of the Newsletter

There are up to 4 sponsors who receive exposure in the print, PDF and online versions:

  • A leaderboard advert on the Newsletter website (728 x 90 pixels), displayed in random rotation for all sponsors
  • A permanent link in the Newsletter website sidebar under Sponsors
  • A mention on page 2 of the print and PDF versions, linked in the PDF version

Cost £600 + VAT for a year.

2. Sidebar advert in the Newsletter online

A sidebar advert (300 x 250 pixels), displayed on all page views.

Cost £600 + VAT for a year.

3. Display advert in the print and PDF versions

A quarter-page advert in the printed Newsletter across the width of the page (18 cm x 6.75 cm). The advert in the PDF version is linked to the advertiser’s website. There are 4 display adverts per issue.

Cost per insertion £240 + VAT.

4. Full page advert in the PDF version

Advertisers provide a complete A4 page PDF which we include at the end of the PDF version of the Newsletter. There are one or two A4 adverts per issue.

Cost per insertion £400 + VAT.

5. Newsletter Features

Newsletter Features provide an effective way for suppliers to promote their products and services to lawyers and attract referrals to their website with targeted editorial copy placed on the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers website and promoted through links and references in the Newsletter, on and and on social media.

Full info on Newsletter Features.

Cost £500 + VAT.


To book advertising, or to make further enquiries, contact