Advertise in the Newsletter

We can provide exposure to our readership through a number of online channels:

  • The Internet Newsletter for Lawyers online (this site) receives around 5,000 page views a month.
  • Our Internet for Lawyers email newsletter is distributed to over 2,000 opted-in subscribers.
  • Our lawtweets Twitter feed has over 17,000 followers.

Advertising options

1. Leaderboard advert in the Newsletter online

A leaderboard advert on the Newsletter website (728 x 90 pixels).

2. Sidebar advert in the Newsletter online

A sidebar advert (300 x 250 pixels), displayed on all page views.

3. Newsletter Features

Newsletter Features provide an effective way for suppliers to promote their products and services to lawyers and attract referrals to their website with targeted editorial copy placed on the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers website and promoted through links and references in the Newsletter, on and and on social media.

Full info on Newsletter Features.

4. Display advert in the Internet for Lawyers email

A display advert (image plus text), included in the Internet for Lawyers email.


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