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A few years ago the technical press was full of articles on website accessibility, but now the topic hardly rates a mention. So can we all now relax from fear of legal prosecution over technicalities that most people never understood in the first place?

No law firm can today be without a presence on the internet. It is clear that our clients, colleagues and other stakeholders use the internet not only as a source of information but as the primary source of information, about who we are and what we do. It was with that single focus in mind that, in the early part of 2008 we embarked upon a total update of the MacRoberts website.

March’s article on SharePoint explained in some detail the “powerful and rather scary” services of the latest version. I believe that using SharePoint to publish to the web or to an intranet may contravene the Disability Discrimination Act, as the system doesn’t publish in a manner that adheres to internationally-recognised accessibility guidelines.