Breach of conditions of bail in the UK

Persons accused of different types of offences in the UK and kept in custody have the right to apply for bail. The term bail denotes the case where the offender can be released from custody for a particular amount of money and if the circumstances are suitable for granting the bail. But there are cases where breaches of conditions of bail might intervene. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can make a full analysis of your case and can represent you in the court of law when applying for bail.

Breaches in cases of pre-charge bail

If there are suspicions that the pre-charge bail in the UK has been breached, the police can keep the individual accused of criminal offences in custody. This time, the authorities need to establish the grounds and to determine if the suspect needs to be charged. It is good to know that unauthorized charges will not be taken into consideration and the suspect can be released with or without bail. The Bail Act 1976 also stipulates that the defendant will be subject to the terms applied right before the arrest for breach. One should know that if he is involved in such matters, where the conditions of bail have been breached, he should solicit help and guidance from an UK criminal lawyer.

Breaches in cases of post-charge bail

Post-charge bail means the police will not enforce certain conditions on an offender, like electronic monitoring or asking to be available for weekly reports. The method for trading with breach of police imposed bail conditions, that are in the position preceding the first hearing, corresponds with the technique for dealing with breaches of enforced court conditions.

What you need to know about the breach of conditions of bail

The police officers in the UK have full rights to arrest a person who is considered guilty of breaching the bail terms and conditions. The magistrates’ court can remand the defendant in custody if he/she broke the bail conditions and if in this situation the accused is considered to be a potential danger to the society. The police officer who made the arrest needs to make proof and to state the grounds he believes the offender broke the bail rules.

You can contact a criminal defence solicitor in London if you need assistance and legal advice related to bail in the UK.