Welcome to the new-style Newsletter

I am delighted to have been invited on board by Delia as joint editor and publisher of the Newsletter.

Delia and I have collaborated for many years, since we both launched our websites in early 1995. Together we wrote and edited the book Researching the Legal Web (Butterworths 1997 and 2nd edn 1999) and in 2005 we launched the series of Legal Web e-Books with CPD which we continue to update and extend. In the last two years I have contributed articles regularly to the Newsletter. We have complementary writing and publishing skills and interests in things legal and are busy harnessing these for the benefit of the Newsletter.

The printed Newsletter has a new design but the same good practical mix of content for all those seeking to make the most of the legal web.

For the online version we’ve not only redesigned the look, but also updated and extended the functionality so you can more readily browse articles by issue or by subject or search the archives.

Nick Holmes, May 2007