Clinical negligence compensation statistics

In the UK alone the NHS treat 1 million people every 36 hours and carry out a huge 10.595 million operations in 2012/2013. Out of this huge number it is inevitable that a number of these are going to have complications and problems that occur. When complication and errors happen and the NHS is at fault, people could be entitled to make claims using personal injury solicitors such as Blackwater Law. The majority of clinical negligence claims are for misdiagnosis, surgical errors, death, overdose of medication and poor treatment resulting in worsening of illness.

Clinical negligence compensation claims have a restricted time limit for people to make their claim, after which clients may not be able to make a successful claim. There is a 3 year window to make a claim from the date of injury or the date the patient noticed injury. This time period is extended in special circumstances, for instance if the patient is a child, if it is a birth injury and it takes longer to notice any symptoms, if the patient is mentally ill or if it take longer from when the patient realised the injury. With these sort of claims particularly birth injuries, symptoms of injury may not show themselves for several years or maybe not until adulthood, in these cases personal injury solicitors maybe able to provide advice on whether you are still eligible to make a clinical negligence claim.

Between the years 2011 / 12 there were 9,143 clinical claims made against the NHS which is a 67 per cent rise from 5 years previous and between 2013/14 the NHS set aside a staggering 22.7 billion pounds in to cover medical negligence liabilities.

Clinical negligence specialists from Blackwater Law have created the infographic below to look at compensation facts and figures.