Grapple: an AI solution for employment issues

Monaco Solicitors have developed a new AI-based tool called Grapple. Grapple enables people who have significant workplace issues but no legal knowledge, to create their own bespoke legal documents. The documents range from letters designed to help employees resolve grievances and negotiate financial settlements , to support for taking claims about unresolved matters to an employment tribunal.

What Grapple does

Grapple uses AI to generate customised legal documents for different phases of a work-related issue. For example, Grapple can help if an employee needs to send a grievance letter to try and remedy a problem early on, or if they are at a point where a ‘without prejudice’ letter is needed because things have escalated.

It can even help with drafting such documents as data subject access requests when someone is gathering evidence to support their claim, and with drafting the ‘details of claim’ for a claimant preparing to take their claim to an employment tribunal.

Who can benefit from Grapple?

Grapple is mainly intended for employees facing unfair treatment at work. Monaco Solicitors say it’s a lifeline for those who can’t afford legal fees or find a lawyer willing to take on their case.

It’s also proving useful for legal professionals wanting to speed up their paperwork and for trainee lawyers working on their drafting skills.

Easy to use

Grapple can be accessed from a computer or smartphone. It asks a few simple questions about the user’s case and uses the answers to create a document tailored to their particular situation. 

These documents can be downloaded and customised further if needed. Grapple is straightforward, requiring no special tech skills beyond basic computer or phone use, and you don’t need legal knowledge to use it either.

Initial snags 

Grapple is mostly free of charge at the moment, because cost is a major barrier for many users. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, younger users seem to adapt more quickly to using Grapple, while older people can be a bit more resistant and hesitant.

Legal professionals thinking about using Grapple tend to be more concerned about document accuracy, data security, and ethical questions about AI in legal practice. However, there’s also positive interest in how Grapple can make bespoke document drafting more efficient.

Monaco Solicitors are working on making Grapple more attractive to users and getting more people to try it out, believing that this can help overcome resistance and fears about the tool. Alex Monaco, the founder, also stresses that Grapple isn’t here to replace lawyers but to enhance how individuals experience problems in the workplace and to help them understand and use their legal rights.