Heir hunters

Beware rogue Heir Hunters!

Since the BBC Heir Hunters show began there have been many rogue traders setting up business, usually from home with no professional standing whatsoever. You should avoid becoming involved with any such companies as they probably do not have the ability, funds or knowledge to complete searches they undertake successfully.

Some claim to ‘undercut’ any percentage fee contracts, others claim to be running an ‘association’ on behalf of heir-hunters, but none of these have any quality control, professional standards or qualifications and could leave potential beneficiaries embroiled in years of delay and legal issues, costing far more than they may believe they are ‘saving’ by using such rogue companies. They may charge hidden costs or extras that the true professional would not and their research may leave estates vulnerable to legal claims and court proceedings if they do not complete research to the required standard.

Finders are professional Heir Hunters

  • Finders professional genealogists will match or better any genuine like-for-like commission offer.
  • Finders will offer advice free of charge and will not become involved in any matter that they cannot complete.
  • Finders have been established for 13 years, their MD has over 20 years professional experience
  • Finders employ trained professional in-house staff.
  • Finders is run from a professional office, open every day at regular hours.
  • Finders have numerous accreditations visible on their website.
  • Finders are Data Protection registered.
  • Finders work to their published Professional Conduct Code.
  • Finders have ISO 9001:2008 Total Quality Management Certification.

Finders are a professional probate genealogy company based in London and dedicated to serving Lawyers, Trustees, Executors or Administrators & Personal Representatives who have the responsibility of tracing and finding missing heirs or unknown heirs.

Finders, has agreed to appear in Heir Hunters Series 8, to be shown on the BBC from January 2014.