MOCCA: the most commonly tested drugs

As a leading provider of legal drug testing for family law professionals, social workers, and local authorities, AlphaBiolabs routinely test for a wide variety of drugs and their metabolites (breakdown products).

Yet of all the substances we test for at our laboratory, there are a handful, known by the acronyms of MOCCA and MOCCA-B, that show up time and time again in legal drug test results. They are also widely recognised as some of the most misused substances in the UK.

MOCCA drug testing refers to a drug testing panel comprising the following substances:  

Opiates (including heroin)
Cocaine (including crack cocaine)
Cannabis, and

The term ‘MOCCA-B’ encompasses all these substances plus Benzodiazepines.

As an award-winning, UKAS-accredited laboratory with over 20 years’ experience in drug testing for legal matters, we advise our customers to test for the MOCCA or MOCCA-B panel of drugs (at least) for several reasons:

  • Testing for these substances together can provide clarity in circumstances where it is unclear which substance(s) an individual may have used. This is crucial where important safeguarding decisions need to be made, such as in child welfare cases.
  • Testing for a wide range of drugs means that the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plans can be put in place, in line with the substances that have been used.
  • Street drugs are often ‘cut’ with a variety of substances to create or enhance the desired effect of the high, without the knowledge of the person purchasing and consuming the drugs. This means that a comprehensive drug test might find ‘unexpected’ substances in the donor’s sample, that may not have been disclosed at the time samples were collected.   

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Marie Law is Head of Toxicology at AlphaBiolabs.