Developments at Cecile Park Publishing

Cecile Park Publishing started in 1999 to provide global, authoritative and incisive legal and regulatory information solutions in fast growing business areas.

We recognised early on that information contained in separate, unconnected national silos no longer meets the demands of a global marketplace. Thirteen years after the launch of our first print and online journal, E-Commerce Law & Policy, our products and services have expanded to new areas including data protection, e-commerce, e-finance, sport and gambling law.

In keeping with our vision we have grasped the opportunity to combine high value information with technological developments to deliver information efficiently via multiple platforms.


In 2008, Cecile Park Publishing launched DataGuidance the global data protection and privacy compliance resource tool. We identified a growing demand for a single, comprehensive resource that would provide all the practical information needed to comply with global data protection and privacy laws.

Online vertical search allows subscribers to search through the wealth of legislation, official guidelines and codes of practice across the world, while simultaneously obtaining expert guidance notes written by leading experts in each jurisdiction.

We are developing practical compliance tools that compare jurisdictions, assess risk and assist in implementing compliance programmes.

Our online information includes live webinars and podcasts that cover significant changes in key areas. The recordings are uploaded to the DataGuidance YouTube channel, which are then embedded onto the DataGuidance website for users to share with their colleagues and apply the information.

Social media plays a vital role. Through LinkedIn we have created a DataGuidance discussion group that provides a forum for our members to connect with one another and discuss current developments to find solutions together. We regularly tweet on the DataGuidance Twitter channel to provide our followers with immediate updates in the fast-changing world of data privacy.

Cecile Park Publications

We provide legal analysis and guidance in fast-changing business sectors, including e-commerce, e-finance, data protection, online gambling and sports law, all backed by world-class editorial boards and contributors. Our recently re-launched website has become a platform for multiple streams of information.

Our freemium model gives trial users the chance to follow the latest developments, to search for and read short excerpts from the ten-year multimillion-word database of premium content.

Polls, breaking news sections and Q&As provide users with current awareness, supplemented by our LinkedIn, Twitter and RSS Feeds.

We also upload DataGuidance podcasts on our Data Protection Law & Policy webpage, giving readers the opportunity to hear practical information on hot topics affecting global business. is reachable through both smartphones and tablet computers, and we are looking to introduce a mobile app for added accessibility.

Cecile Park Conferences

Our conferences deliver face-to-face communication and networking that allows thought leaders and innovators to share their insights in fast moving sectors. We explore in-depth topics from Mobile Apps and Digital Advertising to Sport Player Contracts and Gambling Payments; we have built global events such as Tackling Doping in Sport and the European Data Protection Intensive.

Digital developments have shaped our approach to producing and delivering this information, as well as to marketing the events themselves. Our departments work together to provide material for discussion on Twitter, blogs and on LinkedIn.

When topics are raised and discussed in this way we can gage the level of interest in particular topics prior to producing programmes and launching events. Our delegates and sponsors have praised this approach to event production, citing incisive topics as a key strength of our events.

Editorial coverage at our conferences begins with live tweeting during events, sharing an insight into key sessions as they occur. Our editorial team initiates tweeting and provides an official Twitter hashtag to all delegates, leading to further audience participation. These live tweets are retweeted around the world, encouraging followers to discuss the issues raised by our expert speakers in real time. Our post-event press releases are also tweeted, delivering the content to all following the Twitter thread and encouraging further debate and beneficial coverage.

Cecile Park Publishing has always sought to deliver global solutions in fast growing business areas by remaining at the forefront of technological developments. Through varied and innovative media, we have projected our philosophy and vision to a global audience in the digital, written and spoken world.

Lindsey Greig is Managing Director of Cecile Park Publishing.