New cloud-based case and practice management system from DPS

DPS Software have launched a new web-based practice management system for law firms incorporating team and personal target management tools as well as all the benefits of the DPS case management software. It allows fee earners to record time, create attendance notes, dictate against a file, create emails from tasks and view their file history from any location with Internet access.

By using this product, fee earners can bring all their caseload with them wherever they go. They can:

  • pick up all incoming post on their mobile devices,
  • open files straight from their emails,
  • view all their matters, and
  • enter key information while out and about.

Any data inputted into this system will be automatically matched against the right file in DPS Outlook Office, saving users time and decreasing the risk of errors.

Being web-based, this software enables more flexible working, allowing its users to complete work from home or abroad, and bring employees back into the team who might otherwise be unable to travel into the office.

Security in the cloud

However, the system’s round-the-clock accessibility doesn’t compromise its security. This aspect is dealt with by using two-factor authentications so any user trying to log in will be required to enter more than a username and password. Operating based on a top level security model similar to the one used by banks, the new DPS system will ask for a unique number generated on the fee earner’s mobile phone on every login, at the first login or periodically, as required by the user.

Business Intelligence on the go

As well as making client-related information readily available, the software also presents statistics on key performance indicators, such as:

  • the number of matters closed,
  • matters opened, and
  • the amount of cash received.

These stats can be viewed by fee earner or by department, depending on the user’s needs and his/her corresponding admin rights. The graphs complementing the data make it easy to digest while remaining easy to view on any tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet.

The system also has access to the financial information corresponding to all clients and matters enabling fee earners to:

  • do bill requests,
  • raise e-Chits, and
  • look up client ledgers wherever they are.

Officially launched at DPS’s annual User Group Meeting which took place at the end of April, in London, this system has been specifically designed for the practice that wants to deploy their IT solutions quickly and with the least amount of effort.

The reality is that people now work as much from home as they do from the office and with the move towards an “always on”, “always available” culture, they need technology that enables them to embrace this more open style of working. Our clients have been demanding this technology and we are pleased to be able to deliver it so soon. Our cloud-based software meets this demand in the most convenient way to the fee earner, merging his/her case management and email into one simple-to-use application.

If you’re already considering the move to a web-based practice management system or this article has raised some questions in your mind, then please contact DPS for more information –

About DPS Software

DPS Software are one of the leading independent legal technology providers in the UK. Catering to the IT needs of over 600 practices and 15,000 individual users, DPS have built a strong and growing market position thanks to their award-winning practice management solution which includes legal accounting, case management and digital dictation software.

DPS are committed to becoming a realistic ”˜one stop shop’ for the technology needs of the modern legal business. Their managed IT solution (dpscloud) is in use at over 130 law firms and ABSs across the country.

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Osman Ismail is the founder and Managing Director of DPS Software. He has guided the legal software house and managed IT provider through its 30 year history since he established it in 1984 and his continuing enthusiasm to get ”˜hands on’ and work directly with clients ensures that he is always in touch with the new trends that shape the legal technology sector. Osman is also a regular speaker at industry events, addressing topics such as data security, cloud computing for law firms, and other technology-related matters.

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