Author: Osman Ismail

Osman Ismail is the founder and Managing Director of DPS Software. He has guided the legal software house and managed IT provider through its 30 year history since he established it in 1984 and his continuing enthusiasm to get ‘hands on’ and work directly with clients ensures that he is always in touch with the new trends that shape the legal technology sector. Osman is also a regular speaker at industry events, addressing topics such as data security, cloud computing for law firms, and other technology-related matters.

Apps and Cyber Crime – avoiding the security hazards of working on the go


Clients are demanding Apps for real-time communications, lawyers need them for remote working. But how do we improve the security of apps in order to prevent any data security breaches?

Law firms are prime targets for cyber-attacks due to the amount of money they hold for clients and the sensitive information they control. Clearly, remote access to data on mobile devices can significantly increase security-related risks.

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Mobile apps for lawyers – how to work on the move

Mobile apps for lawyers

Software as a Service (SAAS) and apps are becoming increasingly popular among solicitors.

Legal practitioners have developed a clear preference for mobile-friendly applications that are directly available from the web.

DPS Software have developed secure SaaS solutions and apps which solve the issue of mobility without compromising data security.

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New cloud-based case and practice management system from DPS

DPS Software have launched a new web-based practice management system for law firms incorporating team and personal target management tools as well as all the benefits of the DPS case management software. It allows fee earners to record time, create attendance notes, dictate against a file, create emails from tasks and view their file history from any location with Internet access.

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Efficiency through integration: “joined-up” software is critical

As overall profitability is ultimately a product of long-term healthy cash-flow, it is crucial within a law firm, as within any business, to be able to monitor this cash-flow accurately. At the same time, tracking your fee earners’ efficiency and assigning their time a financial value is equally important as it is their work that ultimately makes or breaks the business performance of any law firm.

But how do you ensure that you have the right mechanisms and systems in place to manage and monitor these critical factors? Legal accounting and case management software products are examples of solutions that can deliver this capability and these two are arguably the most important ones that a legal business should be taking advantage of.

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