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To date, there have been some startling and high-profile instances of businesses making a complete pig’s ear of both using social media (Web 2.0 services) and reacting to others’ use of social media. This article cites examples of getting it wrong that seem most relevant to lawyers and law firms. By looking at these mistakes, lawyers using social media can hopefully avoid repeating them.

You can find legal news for many practice areas – and about the industries or fields relevant to those practice areas – online. RSS is popular because it makes keeping on top of your favourite information sources easier. Going to your favourite websites each day to check for updates can be a difficult and tedious routine to maintain and is hardly an efficient use of your time. This is where RSS comes in. This article looks at RSS from several angles: what it is, a review of RSS readers, and how to handle all the information your RSS reader throws at you.

Mobile devices have impacted the legal profession as much as the rest of the business world. The number of concurrent advances in mobile device technology is so great that to summarise them in one article is a feat beyond me. Instead, I will highlight some of the most notable developments and consider some the key points that the lawyer on the go should know about these technologies.