Author: Alex Newson

Getting it wrong with Web 2.0

Businesses have been using social media (Web 2.0 services) such as blogs, podcasts, virtual worlds and professional networking sites for quite some years as part of their marketing and communications efforts. No business has been able to ignore the implications of these new forms of expression and interaction; just because you’re not writing or talking […]

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Getting the best from RSS

The following statement is painfully obvious, but it has to be said: the internet is a crucial legal resource. Whilst the legal information equivalent of “video killed the radio star” hasn’t occurred, reports on the most important legal developments can often be online weeks, even months, before the legal journals and law reports publish details. […]

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Upwardly mobile

Mobile devices have impacted the legal profession as much as the rest of the business world. Many lawyers – particularly commercial lawyers – have the dubious privilege of carrying Blackberries, making them contactable almost anywhere. Those particularly fruity devices are so ubiquitous in the business world that they need no further introduction. The number of […]

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