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Amanda Millmore is a non-practising barrister and founder of CPD provider Legal Training which offers 100% online, flexible, accredited CPD training. Courses cover Family Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Civil Law and Mental Capacity Law as well as general IT skills and Chambers’ Complaints Handling. Prior to that she was a member of the Chambers of Timothy Raggatt QC at 4 King's Bench Walk, where she practised family, criminal and personal injury law. Follow her on Twitter @legaltraininguk.

This article covers some internet skills and tools which may already be second nature to you, but equally may be refreshing ideas which will make your working life that little bit easier.

Having recently spent six months teaching some delightful, articulate teenagers A-level law it really brought home to me just how embedded social media is in the lives of young people, and also for the not quite so young as well. The students laughed incredulously at tales of queuing to use a payphone to call home from university and writing letters to friends; for these 18 year-olds the ability to communicate is permanently at their fingertips via their phones. They tweet, they message, to a lesser extent they still post on Facebook, but the key point is that they keep in contact not just with friends but with acquaintances and others frequently throughout the day. This means that they are leaving electronic trails (both written and photographic) everywhere of what they have been doing, what they plan to do, who they were with, not to mention their thoughts and feelings as they come tumbling from brain to phone. It is so fundamentally different to the situation even five years ago, is it any wonder that the legal system is struggling to keep up?

In the May/June Newsletter I considered some of the best websites for lawyers of general applicability. Here, I am covering resources focused upon specific practice areas.

Criminal law

It would be impossible to write any review of the legal web for criminal lawyers without referring to the truly excellent CrimeLine.

Everyone has their favourite, “go to” legal website for information or research, but this compilation hopefully cuts across personal preference and offers a wide-ranging selection of some of the best legal resources for lawyers of all persuasions.

An update on social media and the legal system in the news and social media as evidence.

Social media is yet again in the news following the August riots. There were numerous arrests and prosecutions based upon posts and messages on Facebook and Twitter allegedly inciting others to join in rioting, violence and looting, as well as the photographic and video evidence found online and on people’s mobile devices showing the commission of offences; substantial custodial sentences have been handed down to many who have been convicted.

This article introduces you to some of the invaluable free resources available online for property lawyers.

This article will give you an introduction to some of the invaluable free resources available online for civil lawyers.

Essential web resources for criminal lawyers.

Essential web resources for family lawyers.