Month: November 2016

The Human Tissue Act and the issue of consent

When it comes to DNA testing, the UK is one of the very few countries in the world to have a system which regulates the way in which DNA samples are collected and how they are used. Anywhere else in the world, DNA samples can be collected from anyone without them even knowing or being […]

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New safer maternity care plan aims to reduce medical negligence claims

Within the last month, seven NHS sites throughout England were named early adopters of specific recommendations laid out through the Safer Maternity Care plan. A combination of more personalised care plans for expectant mothers and their newborn children, greater access to care at a single location, and community collaboration to better manage growing caseloads were […]

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Drink driving and exceptional hardship

Most of us have preconceptions about drink driving. Perhaps you envision someone drinking heavily each evening after work and then driving home. A claim of exceptional hardship might then be thought of as a way for those who frequently drink and drive to avoid the repercussions of their routine behaviour. The facts are much more […]

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