Month: March 2021

Employers’ obligations around employee stress

The vast majority of people deal with stress at work. Some of us experience more of it than others, but it is certainly present for most of us. Stress is what happens to a person when they are faced with excessive pressure – whether that’s being put on them from work superiors or themselves. Most […]

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Evolution of UK gambling laws and their history

Gambling in the UK before 1960 was largely heavily restricted. This is because of the systematic amendments that were put in place after King Henry VIII’s ban in 1506. Following his daughter Elizabeth’s coronation in 1569, the first state lottery took place with £5,000 as the jackpot. Following several amendments, an Act of Parliament came […]

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Medical devices: when they harm rather than heal

Many of us rely on medical equipment and devices to survive or manage conditions that would otherwise have an adverse impact on our health. These conditions can range from relatively minor to life-threatening. But if the medical equipment or device in use fails or turns out to be faulty, there can be serious consequences. Devices […]

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